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Be a Mobile Groomer in Ireland

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  • Be a Mobile Groomer in Ireland

    An unusual oppty to be a mobile groomer in Ireland was posted in the Classified Ads today. They would like to "import" an experienced groomer, so I just thought you never know it might be someone's dream here and I don't want you to miss it. Look in any of the U.S. states, they had the oppty listed in all US states.
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    It's a long commute from Los Angeles everyday, What could I charge for this? Gas 3.50 gal hold on my caculator does'nt go that high. Call mobile marty at least he is on that side.


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      if things don't lighten up 'round here, I might just go! lol I love the color green anyway! lol
      I saw in the classifieds someone is looking for a partner to open a grooming business in Hawaii!!! now theres a chance of a lifetime!! Im still pondering!!!


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        I visited Ireland last summer and got alot of odd looks when I told people I was a mobile groomer. But I'm sure there is a market there just as there is here.


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          Have they built a bridge to Hawaii yet?