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    The shop I’m at right now is a dead business, there are maybe 3 dogs a week at the most some weeks there aren’t any. The problem is the shop owner put the shop on a street with no business in a “bad” out of the way lower class part of town and he want to charge as much or more then the shops up town. . No one wants to come to the shop because location. I have suggested moving the shop and after a long search for a space we came up with the idea of going mobile. Now the owner wants to keep the dead shop open and go mobile as well. And give anyone who does call a choice of coming to us or paying large extra fee and will come to them. The problem I see is the shop is still in a bad part of town and it's never going to build and image of quality servise cause all we get are nasty shave downs and poor people needing a one time a year close as you can get it groom. I’m really concerned that it will hurt the mobile business by tying the name to it. I think the best idea is let the shop go and move out mobile with a new start. Anyone go an opinion?

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    geez your sadistic.....jk but really..... are you afraid to go out and get another job? isn't there anywhere else in your area.. i remember your last post.....i told you to move on....what's the deal? you certainly can't live on what your getting....or can you? if you can please let me know how. i need some tips! do you think you owe this person something? It's very honorable of you....but honor doesn't put food on the table.


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      I 2nd Goldiphlx's post


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        yea yea i know i need a new job, i've been having a lot of trouble finding anything. i thought i had one lined up last week they had a date for me to start and everything and out of no were they hired a "friend" of a friend" grrrrrrrrr but thats life.