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I've got some great clients!

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  • I've got some great clients!

    Sooo, I was hit this week with a couple of my 'worst' people clients, and next week I've got one that I pretty much can't stand dealing with anymore. However, I had alot of my really great clients this week, too. :-)

    The two gentlemen who own four (yes, four!lol) Westies that come in every month, like clockwork. They always bring some sort of food (this month a farmer's market cherry pie and tortillas), tip well, and never complain about ANYTHING. "Oh, they look just beautiful, dear!" is what I hear every time.

    The couple who have two dogs, a huge mix and a mini poo, also in every month. The owner helps me get the big dog into the tub, and a big tip every time. Always happy with the work I did.

    I had three other clients today with the same story- nice people, in every month or less, always leave you with a tip and kind words. I know that we do this because we love animals, but THESE are the people that make our jobs worthwhile, and that make us want to get into work each day. I think I need to have a new policy- if I have a client that I absolutely can't stand, I need to fire them, and make room for more great clients! :-)

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    Susie Ormand the financial guru says.....

    Clear out the clutter in your home and office and money will come your way. Clear out the not so nice for the very extra nice clients.


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      I agree! I'm just kind of 'sitting' on everything until I make the switch to mobile the end of June. I figure I'll weed out some of the PITA clients with the switch, then I'll see where my client list is at........ scary, and exciting!


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        If I find myself regularly dreading a particular dog and/or client I stop booking them. I call another mobile in the area, explain why this owner or their dog has gotten on my every last nerve and ask them if they'd mind me passing their name along. I've gotten other clients that way that have turned out to be very good for me (possibly they "learned their lesson" when their previous groomer dumped them?). Anyway, I never miss not going to that house and usually have their spot filled within a very short time.

        You'll be much happier when you get rid of the aggravating people and make room for more good ones!


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          You are so right. I just love some of my clients. On Saturday we had several of the sweetest people ever in. It just makes the day, and the job so much more pleasant!
          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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            One of my nicest clients

            -I've already weeded out a bunch of my weeds.

            Anyhow! One of my nicest clients gave me an airplant the last time she was here.
            It's already dead!! I can't help it!! Air plant! The name is sooo misleading!! If all it needs is air it should look great!!!