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Stressed but moving forward

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  • Stressed but moving forward

    Still working towards my deadline of July 10th to switch from my shop to mobile- RV refit is in progress, and I need to send out a mass-mailing to my clients next week informing them of the change. I talked to the feed store that's literally around the corner from my house today. They are willing to let me park on their property the two Saturdays a month that I want to be stationary for my clients who will end up being outside my service area, so that's great news. I also need to get my business licenses changed over, will start that ball rolling next week.....

    SOOO, I'm trying to run my business, prepare the 'new' one, take care of all of my critters, house, oh, and MYSELF!lol Way too much on my plate right now, but I'm hoping and praying that once I make the switch, my life will become much less complicated. Guys, please tell me it will be, and that I'm going to love being mobile!lol :-)

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    Best wishes

    Well congratulations. I'm sure it will all work out. Take a deep breath. Just was wondering why you a moving to mobil. Again best wishes.


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      Everything is going to be fine You are just a little stressed right now with the goings on. Going from shop to mobile was a great thing for me. I'm sure it will be for you too. You just have to get over the start up phase and into your routine. Can you take a day off so you can breathe?


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        Stress is a good thing. If you weren't feeling stressed for the change than that would be a matter for concern.
        I was stressed too...would I survive? Could I make the payments? Is this the right move? Would if this happens and that happens? Then it comes together over time.


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          Thanks, guys!

          To answer the question of why switch from Dodger- I've been grooming for 22 years, and although I love grooming, I'm burnt out on being in a shop- even though it's mine!lol I literally need a change of scenery, plus I need to find a way to make as much money doing 1/2 the number of dogs I currently do. Mobile seems to be the answer for me. :-)

          Soap, no, I can't take a day off, I'm booked to the gills on business days, and have to get the other things done on my days off. I do, however, go out to the stable for a couple of hours on my two days off to spend time with my horse. It does help change my focus, at least for a little while. I miss my