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Van MPG or Dog Per Gallon...DPG

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  • Van MPG or Dog Per Gallon...DPG

    A recent post got me wondering....

    Let's survey.

    Take your typical weeks fuel cost and divid it by the typical number of dogs per week.

    What is your DPG for your business per week?

    This is a much more accurate measure than MPG since most models of vans use some amount of fuel while not driving on the road.(gens running or van idle when needed)


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    mpg means nothing , it definately dpg. it's been awhile since i had that figured out. i guess it's .5dpg or it takes 2 gallons per average dog. to put that in context. i have a 6year old gas van and i am in a rural area, so my route is a little larger.
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      Okay, last week I groomed 20 dogs and put $70 worth of fuel in my bus. So that works out to $3.50 per dog. That is a good way to figure it Curtis. Of course it has been a nice comfortable week temperature wise, so I haven't been idling the van for heat or air.
      That leads me to another post. I have a shuttle bus with lots of windows. Doug is always bugging me about insulation. I really don't feel much heat or heat loss coming from the windows. I don't have to plug in my heater in the winter unless it goes below 24 outside, and I have ice cold well water in my tank.


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        For me, it seemed to average8% of my total sales went for gas. So If I earned one hundred 100 dollars last week, 8 dollars of it went to gas. It can go from 8-10 percent and the 10percent is when I travel a bit far.
        Most of my dogs now are within a close radius though. I haven't guesstimated the cost of fuel per dog though.

        Of course word is that gas is going to rise to 4 dollars this summer so that changes everything.


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          Good thought,for me it's a little more figuring as my gen set is gas and van is a diesel lol


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            2.77 gallons per dog

            i did 18 dogs and around 50 gallons of gas this week
            so that makes 2.77 gallons per dog at 2.85 gal equals 7.85 not bad i charge about 50 per dog so i guess im ok


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              DPG= 3.5
              I always do this..ok lets see that repair cost me 5 dogs.
              Rent is 22 dogs.
              Can you believe that guy he charged me 4 dogs..ugh..


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                My car runs with hamster help, no dogs, lol.

                Tammy in Utah
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                  Okay Curtis, it is me (your Greek Groomer).

                  I have a Sprinter with diesel.

                  30 gallons- we average 54 dogs.

                  But we do drive quite a few miles, we average 8 dogs per day, van is ALWAYS running because we NEED air conditioning, and we fill the van 1 - 1.5 times per week (we have the van on the road 6-7 days)
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