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Laube King of clippers???

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  • Laube King of clippers???

    Hello everyone!

    I'm receiveing my WGT unit in about 2 weeks and i want to buy a new clipper.
    What do you guys think about this new built in ivac versus the clipper vac?
    They say that there clippers are the best out there..

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    yeah right, read through some posts in "general" about the Ivac and Laubes. not dependable and very high maintance. Good ole dependables Andis, black 2 speeds. I've been using for 5 years, never a problem! couldn't ask for better.


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      Yeah, I've been trying clippers over the past few years. Had Osters years ago, then switched to Andis. Kept those for a lot of years. Then I thought maybe I should try some of the others, maybe I'm missing something... Had a Laube, variable speed, didn't like it, ran blades too hot. Got a Wahl KM2, its okay, but does seem to run a little warm. Got a Wahl Switchblade, really liked it, but now needs to get repaired after being dropped a few times. Also have a grey Andis which runs well. All in all, I think I like Andis.


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        Originally posted by hairdevil View Post
        yeah right, read through some posts in "general" about the Ivac and Laubes. not dependable and very high maintance. Good ole dependables Andis, black 2 speeds. I've been using for 5 years, never a problem! couldn't ask for better.
        Thanks I'll look it up. I also have an andis but only a 1 speed..
        So what is a good clip vac?


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          Laube King of clippers???

          Let me start by saying, I love Laube stuff for the most part, but....based on the last couple of pairs of Laube clippers I have purchased, I have been very disappointed. One pair of clippers stopped working within the first 30 days (bad power switch), the second pair within 60 days (who knows why). Not a very good record.

          To add insult to injury, getting the warranty repair through Laube took almost 30 or more days to get the repaired clippers back.

          IMHO, Laube is having some serious problems. I will think twice before purchasing any more Laube stuff (other than the Kelco shampoo)

          I test drove the IVAV for a 10 day period and was not impressed. The IVAC clippers are like holding a beer can, the electric cord came free from the back of the clippers. I would rather use the Mini Micro's with a adapter.

          I like the ClipperVac much better using standard Andis clippers.

          Just my 2 cents.



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            I like the idea of the IVAC, but after two non working pairs (never had one work right yet) and ****** customer service, I wont buy another Laube product.


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              clipper vac

              If you are getting a new wagntails, I would recommend the Clipper Vac from Romani. I've used it for years and love it. Also please buy the Andis 2 speed AGR with proper clipper vac attachment. It truly is the best combinations I've found and used. If you buy the clipper vac unit from wagn'tails , they will install the clipper vac for you. I made the mistake of using my old mini unit and I had to duck tape it in. The hoses were the wrong sizes. Good luck and best wishes with your new business,
              Tanya B


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                Clipper Vac by Romani....Original

                No matter the clipper attachment, the original Clipper vac imo is the best investment I have made and next or a tie, hydro-surge. I would give up grooming if I didn't have those two items. I also have an electeric table. Hydrolic may be better, nothing to break. Add all that to grimeinator, best shot, and spa lavish and, oh yes Coat handler, and you are in business with the best way to groom ever. IMO


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                  Hi I have a mini clipper and a lightning clipper from Laube and would not use anything else.They are so lightweight and move very fast.I have not had problems with them.I've tried the other clippers Oster's were too slow and bulky.Andis two speed burgendy where pretty good but they are heavier.I did not ever own a Whal but picked some up at the show they were also bulky and heavy.As for the Ivac I was not impressed with it.I returned it and got a full refund.I agree the Clippervac from Romani works nicely but I can't convince my hubby it's worth it.Every time I do a shave down on a big hairy dog and he's with me he says this would never fit in a clipper van tube.Smart A** he is.


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                    I won't use anything but Laube!


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                      Kari, hubby is right.....

                      Some long fur does get clogged up in the hose. But I still love my Ivac and Cv combination. My hands are small, short and fat, Osters were always a bit big and heavy and slow. I don't think Ivac feels like a coke can. I have almost dropped it tho. Anyone want to buy an Oster? I have ten or more hanging on hooks in the garage. No, S. this is not an ad, just kidding. Some work if all else fails.


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                        I like my IVAC clipper. I have severe tendonitis in my shoulder and wrists and NEED as light of equipment as I can find. I use it with my clipper vac unit so if you want the IVAC, still get the CV option on your WNT van. (to switch them out you simply change hoses inside the van)
                        The IVAC does have a major design flaw in the cord. First they just plugged into the clipper and people were complaining that they didnt stay in, then them made them screw into the clipper. Well, now they stay on, but the cord wires wear and break fairly eaisily. If you don't send in the warranty card within the first 30 days, Laube will not honor the warranty. I simply had my husband repair my cord and it is working fine again.
                        Honestly though, if the clipper vac atachment for my litenings would have worked, I doubt I would have ever wanted the IVAC. But, that $35 atachment from Romani, literaly fell apart the first time I ever tried to use it. I am not a consumer that will usually complain to a business about their product, I simply don't purchase their defective products ever again. Anyone know someone else making CV connectors for the Laube Litening clippers?


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                          Laube forever

                          I'm in the minority perhaps but I've used the micro minis since they came out. Had a few cord issues originally but my last couple have been going and going. They still have the seperate transformers. The new ones for the last few years are all connected. They are supposed to be a finish clipper but I beat them up and use them for everything. I'd rather buy a new clipper than have to use a heavier one. I'm soon to be 56 and have no arm or shoulder problems. But then if some of the new ones are having issues that is too bad. Warrenty cards are everything. I've had nothing but great service in the past from Laube, but then it has been awhile. I also always have at least one pair in reserve for backup. It might be the old one that still works but I have one. Everyone should have at least one, even one you hate. Or buy a cheap backup. Better than cancelling.


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                            I LOVE my Laubes!!!

                            I have a laube clipper that I have had for 10 years, YES 10 years!!!! I love love love laube. I also have the laube speed feed, excellent cordless clipper!! I have 2 laube backup clippers, but I never have to use them. I am always letting other people use my backup clippers when the Andis clippers break!!!!


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                              Haven't tried the iVAC, but I do have Laube Litenings, which I LOVE, but they have had their problems (been replaced twice within a year). They have since become my "backup" pair of clippers.

                              On the plus side, Laube does have a 5 year warranty which is better than any other clipper I know of.

                              I use the andis Super 2 speed (red square body) and they last and last...they take a lot of abuse and keep running.

                              As for vac systems, I use the Romani Clipper vac. It has been completely reliable. I love it.

                              Tammy in Utah
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate