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    I have a client, my age, great gal, great dogs. She goes out of town, one time, I gotta deal w/ her husband. No worries, nice guy, right? Totally hits on me. And he is persistant, too. I let him know, hey, not cool - not professional, I don't appreciate it. (idiot) So he left me alone, they have been off island for a while, now they are back.

    She wants to get back into schedule.....

    Do you fire clients for **** like this or continue to groom the dogs?
    Needless to say, he has made it extremely uncomfortable for me now...

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    Tough one

    You handled it well, but I'd still worry about the idiot, like what if he's drunk or something. Normally I wouldn't think of telling the wife, but gee this is a bit different, as she wants you coming to their house again.

    I think I'd say something like you felt her husband was pursuing you and that it made it uncomfortable. (you could add for her possible wish for denial, that you could be wrong). Then she might say, Oh He's a great big flirt, laughing etc. or be concerned. She might then make a good point of being home and handing you the dog though?
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      I would continue to groom. If you have to deal with him again and he does it, flat out tell him. I am not into married guys.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        He probably got the clue. Unless he is persistent keep on grooming. It is strictly business... grooming business.


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          I have a client who hits on me as well, it is totally inappropriate. For now I still do the dogs, but maybe won't for long. I would just let them go if you have any plausible reason you could use at all. There will be no positive result of telling the wife. It will just be more uncomfortable or they will fire you.


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            I would just mention that from now on that you would prefer to deal w/her and not the hubby and try and leave it like that.I am sure she will inquire as to why and from there I would just say that things didn't go well and that you feel more comfortable working w/her from now on.Well if it has gotton this far I am sure she will want to know more,so at this point I would just be honest and tell her that you were not treated as a proffessional,and felt he disrespected you as well as her as she is his wife and that because of his behaivor you feel very uncomfortable.It's a sticky situation and I would try to keep the wifes feelings in mind as this is most embarrassing for her as well.I had this happen once years ago,but the man wasn't married.Funny thing though his daughter a few years later ended up having a fling w/my ex right after I had our daughter and we were still togeather! Nuts from a tree don't go far thats for sure.Good luck,hope it goes well as things like this sure can backfire on you.Let us know what ever you decide to do and how it turned out.


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              Don't Go

              What a sleezy creep. Who knows what this guy could be capable of. I would not be able to go to this house if I knew the wife wasn't home. It's simply not worth it. I would be afraid. Also, if I knew that person was on my schedule I would be stressing out and filled with dread.

              You could always set grooming appointments up with the wife, telling her, her husband made you feel "uncomfortable", but what if you went there one day, her plans changed and the husband was there. I'd be a wreck.

              Or, you could just come out and tell her your husband made me feel uncomfortable so I will not be able to be your grooomer. That is what I think you should do.

              My entire family would kill me if they knew I was knowingly walking into this situation. All you have to do is read the paper. People are crazy.

              Be careful.


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                Wet nose said it the best "people are crazy". I don't think I would chance it. What happens if she isn't there when you arrive, what happens if he is drunk on one of your visits and she isn't there???

                I would just let her know that he did make you uncomfortable and you just think it is better not being their groomer any longer.

                Better to be safe than sorry.
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                  Know how you feel!

                  Well i know how you feel...even tho it's kinda reversed...I have a couple female clients who hit on me...guess they're lonely or something cuz they're hubbys are at work..I just tell em i have a g/f and or i'm scared of their hubby ..That usually takes care of it...I did have one lady who was very persistent..she'd always invite me in..then come out in her night gown or i quit grooming her shitzu..When she called I told her i was all booked and couldnt' take any more clients..
                  Anyhoo good luck with your delima.


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                    DO NOT tell the wife what happened! Trust me, she already knows she's married to a sleaze-bag. You confronting her with it will only make both of you extremely uncomfortable, and might very well make her angry......... with you! After telling her, you'd be out of the job, anyhow, so it's better to just fire the client and move on. You say they've just now gotten back? Tell her you're sooooo sorry, but your schedule has become so full that you can't fit her in at this time. If you can say it to her answering machine, so much the better. If not, stick to your guns, and don't go there anymore. One way or another, you'll be sorry if you continue with them as a client.


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                      [QUOTE=RoosMom;42883]If you can say it to her answering machine, so much the better.

                      Just what I was thinking! Non confrontational. Just leave a message....So sorry, but I will not be able to groom your dog....make something up....whatever!

                      I know you can replace this customer with a sweet little doggy whose Mommy is a big tipper!


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                        I hate these situations

                        I am so relieved to hear some of these answers!

                        She has been my client for 3 years. I usually always deal with her, only once did I deal with him, at their home. She is such a sweetheart, and that is what makes it so hard. One of those clients that you might consider a friend outside of business.

                        Going back to that situation is stressful, and now I will dread it.

                        I don't think I can go back, I just didn't know what I might say to her.

                        I would never think of telling her what he did, that's just stupid, and her baby just died. My heart goes out to her, but her husband creeps me the heck out!
                        Whether he's there or not, I'm not comfy with the whole idea of being in their territory any more.

                        This is a sucky situation, and I am dreading the phone call to her, for sure.


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                          that's the other thing....

                          I am so busy, I have a waiting list, half a mile long. When she left, she said she would be back in June, and she would call me. She begged me to hold a spot for her, which I agreed, but that was all before her husband pulled this sucky move on me....jerk! Great client down the drain cuz her husbands scummy!


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                            Not Worth It

                            I would not go back. Creepy situations tend to get creepier. Probably most of us mobile have at least one story to tell.

                            I feel bad for your client who is married to this jerk. If you don't have alot of clients in her area, maybe you could say you are reducing your area of coverage...the truth will only cause her grief, and she probably already knows about him anyway.


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                              I agree with RoosMom. The poor woman already must know she's married to an *#@! hole, or if she's that dense, she'll find out soon enough. On top of (no pun intended!) flirting with you he just lost a child?! Or did you mean one of the dogs when you said her baby died? Anyway, my heart goes out to this woman. I would just tel her that you're booked. Maybe you can keep her in mind if her situation changes.