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Is it ok to call groom shop to ask if they know anyone who wants to mobile groom?

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  • Is it ok to call groom shop to ask if they know anyone who wants to mobile groom?

    Hey guys,

    I have decided to move from the grooming van to strictly running the business and hiring one employee. Its only been four days, and I've had some responses, but I am still having trouble locating someone to run my mobile. So far, they don't like background checks so they pass on the job.
    I've only advertised on a popular web "list",a small local paper,the local thrift type pages (they're green) and

    2 questions -(ONE)Is it okay for me to call local grooming shops and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in doing mobile grooming? Would that be offensive?
    Or should I spend $385 to advertise in the major job sites(you know, the one with the scary name) and the local austin,tx. paper that also costs the same. and (TWO) is asking for a drug test going too far?

    Also, let me say that all of you on this site are awesome! I feel like I'm at a round table with fellow groomers who care. Thanks for all of your input and help. Because of Doug, Gracy, Houndlover and especially Dog Gone Lovely (WHAT AN ANGEL-she saved the day!) and Bow Wow Wheels(also did an amazing job of explaining the switches) post, I was able to come up with a complete understanding and manual of how to operate every switch in a mobile grooming van that I bought from someone who had stripped it CLEAN! All over the internet. You folks are amazing. Thanks for helping a small fry stay in the game!

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    hey i dont know what i did and im not a groomer but thanks!
    always willing to help and contribute what little information i know!


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      These groomers that you are going to call do you know them? If NO, then don't. Instead advertise on the three main groomer sites with PETGROOMER.COM being #1... of course.

      Second, absoultely ask for a drug test... I do. They are putting your name and company not to mention MONEY on the road and at risk.


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        Yes -- ask for a drug test, especially since they'll be driving.

        I own my own shop and often have people come in or call to see if I'm hiring. Sometimes people will bring or mail a resume. I don't plan on hiring, I LOVE to work alone, therefore, I don't keep the information. If you called me I wouldn't be able to help you but I wouldn't mind the call, in fact I'm always glad to talk to another groomer. Truthfully, not everyone feels the way I do, I'm certain that some of the groomers in my area would be threatened by your call, too bad. If you don't mind a little rejection, go for it.... I think I'd say something like "Just want you folks to know I'm looking for _____, so if you know anybody who might be interested, I'd love to hear from them". Just sort of getting the word out, you never know who might pick up on it.

        You know -- run it up the flagpole, see if anyone salutes!!!!


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          I agree with CC. You'll be calling and talking to the managers. Not the employees. Go for it.. all they can say is No.


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            Not that I like the idea of going straight from school to mobile, (3 months training does not make a finished groomer), but I would contact the grooming schools. There are 2 in Texas and both are in the DFW area. I know they have people from at least as far as Houston attend. I would expect that students looking for jobs would keep in touch with the school.

            I WOULD drug test and anyone refusing is likely doing so because they know they couldn't pass it and you don't want that employee anyway. You are hiring someone to go into clients homes, handle their fur children and drive your high dollar salon on wheels; I would also think for the sake of your clients, their pets and your insurance that a background check is a great idea as well.

            As for calling salons looking for help, I would NOT call. You might call and ask for the manager/owner and see if you can set up an appointment with them. Speak with them privately and inquire about them offering your information to applicants if they get them and are not hiring. By only speaking to the manager/owner, you are reassuring them that you are not trying to "steal" their employees. They may feel better about forwarding people to you if they feel you are an honest professional.