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  • i'm such a dork

    i left my 1st appt this morning and was driving along when this truck pulled up next to me. two hot guys honking and waving. huh? hi! what? oh, my back doors are open... thanks...

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    At least your back doors weren't open with a dog bouncing around!


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      too funny. I call myself a dork at least once a day!


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        lol. I did that last week with my side door. A cop pulled me over to tell me lol. Boy did I feel DUMB
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          I did that!

          I drove 10 miles on a highway at 60 mph with my Sprinter door wide open! Everybody passing me must of thought I lost my marbles! I'm just driving along laddie doodle dah! Thank goodness everything is always on lockdown when I travel so nothing went flying out! lol Almost had a heart attack when I pulled up to my first customer and saw the door wide open.


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            That's too funny!

            I was in my dad's truck, and had some guy beep at me, then flash his lights continually. He freaked me out, especially when it looked like he was going to follow me. I gave him a nasty look...and then realized I was driving in the pitch black without my lights!
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