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Windows in mobile units?

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  • Windows in mobile units?

    The commercially produced mobile units I've seen have windows that have been removed and covered over. What's the reasoning for this? Insulation purposes? Wouldn't as much natural light as possible to work by be better, as long as the windows are tinted enough so people can't stand outside and gawk?

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    The only vehicle I've seen w/o windows is the Hanveys and I believe they have a window as an upgrade option. The Wnt do and most if not all the trailers do.


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      I have the Hanvey Sprinter van with one good sized window. I contemplated getting windows on both sides, but I am real glad I did not now. When the sun is shining in that window it really heats up the salon. I've put velcro on the sliding door and hang a windshield visor in the salon window when the sun is shining in that side of the van.

      PS. I also bought the extra insullation package sor the salon.


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        As a mobile I personaly have mixed feelings about windows.I enjoy the light,seeing who may or may not be around my truck,being able to open them for fresh air.On the down side most dogs like looking out the windows too and any people who maybe around and thats a major distraction.For units w/out windows it is wall space that can be used.


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          The sprinters I've seen don't have windows, but then none of the sprinter Fed EX or other companies using those vans have windows either. I don't think they are removed, but not an option requested to have put in.

          WNT, Groommobile, Odessey, and the Hanvey ford vans all have their windows.

          I have a WNT and my top windows are tinted and I leave them be, but my side door windows, I have covered with curtains. They aren't tinted, but even when I get them tinted (to help reduce heat) I will still use the curtains to keep the dogs from moving suddenly when they see movement out the window.


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            Glass transfers heat ,heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Light is only good difussed from above not glareing in from the side. I still like my windows but I have them covered with meterial that light can partially get through but not the heat. I keep the tops uncovered to look outside but unless it is a great dane the dogs can not look out up that high.
            in the winter all the windows are covered at night to conserve heat.The oposite durring the hottest days in the summer it keeps the heat out.Speaking of which I have to clean all those covers today. I hate cleaning. might as well wash the entire thing double boo hoo.


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              [QUOTE=PoodlePal;41893] I've put velcro on the sliding door and hang a windshield visor in the salon window when the sun is shining in that side of the van.

              Poodle- Do you find hair gets stuck in the velcro? Can you use your HV to blow out the hair if there is some in there?

              I have the Sprinter with the big window on the side and two windows in the back. I really like the windows in the back. It's nice having the extra light coming in and is not distracting to the dogs.

              I am not clostrophobic at all in there.

              I do want to put something up on my big side window because sometimes it is just to sunny. Also, to prevent some dogs from looking out.


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                I love my windows

                That was one of the things I disliked when I checked out the Hanvey at Groom Expo -- no windows, and the head room was on the low side. It felt very claustrophobic. I love my WT's windows!

                When I hear something going on in the street outside I like to be able to look and see if it's something I need to react to. I've been parked in a cul de sac that suddenly filled with firetrucks. I was able to pop open the window and ask if they needed me to move or anything. I wouldn't want to have to leave the dog alone and open the door to see what's going on. That's just not safe. Maybe living outside of Washington DC I'm a little paranoid, but I just have to be able to see outside. The rear is my only blindspot. Maybe I should get one of those corner-clearing telescopes to run down the laundry chute so I csn see out the back window? Oh! I know! A submarine-style periscope right out the top! It can go up between the AC and the roof vent!

                But seriously folks ... I open the top two windows and get some nice cross ventilation going. In the summer I always try to park in the shade. With the two roof vents and fans and my windows open, I can usually avoid turning on the AC until the afternoon. I try to start as early as possible in the summer to be done grooming when the real heat of the day kicks in. In the winter I seek sunny spots. I find that once I get going with the HV on and the hot water in the tub and all I seldom need the furnace on, just to heat things up a bit in the morning, then once the sun starts hiting the van and I get my equipment in use, I keep plenty warm.

                I also find that dogs who don't like to leave their homes are more at ease when they can keep an eye on their house. I seldom have trouble with people looking in and the few times it happened and excited the dog a quick word from me through the window and they left.



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                  If I had a mobile, I'd want windows-

                  I love that the dogs can look out.

                  I have windows in my shop & they are worth it to me.



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                    I wouldn't like having no windows. I have a bus, all windows. My clients like being able to watch me any time they like. I haven't noticed the dogs being distracted, but then again I've never groomed in a vehicle w/o windows.


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                      I like the windows in my WNT van, I had them tinted because I live in AZ...Once in a while a dog will get distracted if it sees someone going by, but they settle right down and get back to business....I wouldn't like it if I didn't have windows, too closed in....


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                        Hi Poodle Pal,
                        Did you pick up your Sprinter in Burbank this February? If so, I spent a good couple of hours in your salon talking to Curtis before you got there. We even discussed your window! I love how clean and uncluttered the interior is. It was my first "Sprinter experience" and I'm still yearning for one!
                        Since yours is the only Hanvey I know I was hoping to ask you a few questions. Most importantly, how do you like it? Is the fuel milage what you expected? Have you gotten the hang of inverter energy? Now that you have some experience with it, is there anything you would do differently?
                        I hope you are doing well with your business.
                        Joe the groomer!


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                          First of all, I haven't seen any Sprinter vans used for grooming that have "no windows". I have just one window on the side and three roof vents that also let in a lot of light (and fresh air).

                          Wet Noze: The velcro does not collect dog hair, so its not a problem.

                          Yoshi: The van you are referring to was bought by Fuzzy Faces (Susan). I left her a phone message asking her to reply to you.


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                            Oops! My bad!

                            Thanks PoodlePal.
                            Anything you would change about yours if you could?

                            Happy day!
                            Joe the groomer


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                              [QUOTE=PoodlePal;42021]Wet Noze: The velcro does not collect dog hair, so its not a problem.

                              Thanks Poodle. I wanted to be able to put something on the window to keep out the sun. I was thinking of velcro but wasn't sure if it would get all hairy.

                              For some dogs, I actually find they are more relaxed when I park NOT facing their house. I have a few dogs that just fixate on the front door of their house so they never seem to relax.

                              My van came with the windows uncovered in the back which is what I wanted.
                              That is what they happened to have at the dealership when I ordered one.