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What do I need to get started in mobile?

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  • What do I need to get started in mobile?

    I am looking into purchasing a Gryphon trailer but I need to know from the Connecticut mobile groomers what they think I need to get it started. How much money are we talking when it comes to getting the insurance and everything else I'll need? What else will I need other than insurance? Also need help with pricing because I'm not sure how much more mobile charges verses shop. I have an idea how much a shop charges just don't want to get too high on my prices but then I don't want to be working for nothing either. If any mobile groomers outside of Ct has any good advice then bring it on.

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    A couple of things I can think of is licenses for whatever towns you plan on operating in and a business license from the state I'm not sure what the costs are though. You'd have to check with the town's and the state.

    Where are you in Connecticut and what town's do you plan on working in?


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      I don't want to scare you but plan on $5,000: here is how I get those figures:

      1500 for yearly insurance
      700-1000 for decal and lettering on trailer
      300 for small items (velcro to velcro everything down, paper towel holder, garbage can, stool, small shampoo bottles, etc)
      250 for business cards, flyers and receipts.
      350 for all licenses and business name filings.
      1500 to have as reserve to make your trailer payment(s) if business starts slowly.


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        You need to file for your name with the state of connecticut, and if you are planning to set up a business entity, like an llc you have to file that paperwork. There is also paperwork you have to file with the IRS including a form if you want to do resale. You also need to get a license from the department of agriculture to run your business. IN order to do that you have to go to the zoning board of each city you plan on working in and get them to sign off along with applying the city seal. In my city I also had to file a DBA. As far as insurance goes, I'm not exactly sure how it works with a personal vehicle and a grooming trailer. For my van it costs about $2700 for van coverage and business liability. I would assume that has to do with which city you are in as well. With the new policy I had to put down 1/4 downpayment.

        As far as pricing goes, it's a general guideline to charge $15 to $20 above a shop price, but that varies so much its amazing. For those that have a minimum charge a pug can end up being $50 more than a shop, where a golden might be only $20. What's most important is to do a business plan with all your expenses including what you want to "make" and that should give you an idea of what you need to charge to make a comfortable living.
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          I'm going to be in the Norwich area and it won't be the only job I'll have Whatever I make from grooming will go into the grooming business and trailer payments. For now I'm not going to have anything painted on my trailer because I'll be moving out of the state in a few years. So I would hate to put something on my trailer and then find out the name is being used wherever I move. We already looked into insurance but still need to shop around. My hubby and I always shop around for best deals. I know I'll be busting my butt for awhile between two jobs but I can't seem to give up my hospital job mostly for health insurance. I can also limit myself to grooming dogs. I'm pretty close to making enough right now to make my payments just grooming at home with the clients I have but I could use a few more. The beginning of the year I did have a chance to go partners in a grooming shop because the friend owned a building and she knew the business part while I knew the grooming part so we could teach eachother The shop also would be in a money town so the only thing we would have to worry about is insurance and supplies. But I didn't want to make that commitment since I'm leaving in a couple years or maybe less.
          Does anybody have an accountant for their business?
          By the way thanks for the info everybody.


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            Originally posted by Rebekah View Post
            Does anybody have an accountant for their business?
            Ooooh, a definite, HUGE yes on that from I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. :-)


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              Originally posted by RoosMom View Post
              Ooooh, a definite, HUGE yes on that from I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. :-)

              I agree!