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any mobiles in santa clarita, ca?

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  • any mobiles in santa clarita, ca?

    i know you're out there, i've seen you

    with the possibility of moving and other mobilers i know being booked up i'm getting desperate for someone to refer my good clients too

    so if you're mobile in this area or know someone who is please let me know.

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    I don't know anyone

    But Kari and her Sister in Law are in Lancaster, might come over. I have done a housecall grooming out in Santa Clarita, but that is a unique service. I work with loving dogs and loving owners mostly.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      oh yeah? does she do any work in lancaster? my friend lives there but only works maybe one day a week the rest is in scv. if she wants referrals i'll give out her #


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        Hi Nuk I private messaged you.I have some questions.This is Kari in Lancaster Ca.