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Paws I knew Jean Gamble!!!

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  • Paws I knew Jean Gamble!!!

    I first met Jean when she had an old Schnauzer and CiCi. She kept getting more puppies. Then one of her daughters took her schnauzer puppy away from her. She , Jean had a very serious accident with a cement truck and had a halo. I didn't hear from daughter for a long time. Jeans' dogs were usually very matted and tho the $ was not a problem, they didn't want to pay extra. Then, they sold the hoiuse and Jean moved next door to a daughter in La Sendas. Then they moved again. I could not continue to groom 3 dogs and one was always difficult, heavy, and matted. Ya know she wasn't that old, but smoked and had many health issues. Yes, she was always nice to me...the daughters were the problem.I raised my prices and after they moved I never heard from them. I am surprised she lived so long. It has been four years or so since I gave them up by raising prices.I am glad she had at least one dog with her at the end. Pm me and we can talk more. I may have met her way back in 2000-2001.Wow.When her old Schn died, neglected and not groomed. She got the Schn pup, 2 at once Cici and another Shi-tzu. She kept collecting pups from the mall pet shop!Did she only have one dog when you met her? Was she always in the asst living place?