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  • Newbie in need

    Hi, I have posted a couple of times and am thrilled to have gotten such good advice. I live in Charlotte, NC and am starting up mobile this summer. I would like to find some one(s) either here or in a neighboring town who would not mind my riding with one day to see first hand what being mobile is like and perhaps "showing me some of the ropes" in running a mobile van. I have 10 years grooming experience but no experience with mobile and need to get a good idea of expenses and such so that I can write a realistic business plan.

    I will pay you for a day or two of your time if you let me tag along and greatly appreciate the wisdom gained!

    Thanks in advance.


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    I did salon grooming for 17 years and jumped into mobile, well I was actually thrown into it...The hardest part for me was scheduling when I started off, and transitioning to a smaller work space...God you bump yourself a lot! I know I can't be the only one that is counting bruises daily, lol.

    I can't help ya in NC but if you get out to Hawaii, I'd be more than happy to oblige!


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      I hope someone invites you:-) I am in Florida or you could come along.

      If, you don't find someone to let you ride along (many people feel threatened by another groomer coming into town, which I can never understand) let me know and we can try and video record our day for you.

      What kind of van or trailer are you going with?


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        You might want to PM Doggone


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          I'm just south of Greenville, SC if you want to ride with me! Click on my profile and contact me through it so we can figure out good time, OK? Hope to hear from you soon!!