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    Lately, people are cancelling the day before the first appt with me. I ask if they want to reschedule and they say, I will get back to you. Or not at this time? I know they got another call from a new groomer and they offered less. I could be booked out to end of may if I lowered my fees 20-25 lower, but I can't do that because you know how hi gas is. I just bought a second Ivac, and ya know they equal 2 Osters. What to do? Even a web page won't help if my fees are higher.Also, at my age (61) I only do dogs up to 40lbs. and can't comfortably groom more than 4 a day 5, max.4 Yorkies brings two big bills. but they are 2-3 times a year only.Everyone has a new wagntails or Hanvey. Waaaaa,waaaaaaa. I just got a cancel call. She doesn't know what she is missing!

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    People who shop by price will ALWAYS shop by price. If you are wanting more new clients then remember that on that initial phone call you have to do a 30 second commercial on "why they should choose you". I am one of the highest in my area if not they highest. Yes, I have a Hanvey Sprinter but that NEVER comes up in conversation.

    I am composing this strictly on what you have shared, tweek it as you find necessary:

    My grooming is all inclusive, this means I do what your pet needs and what you want them to have. I am gentle and kind with all pets. I have been grooming for _ _ years. I may be higher in price than some but my services are are top quality.

    If they don't make an appointment at that time, instead they say "let me think about it"
    Follow up with something like:
    "I encourage you to call around, to discover what others are charging and what services they provide". "Here are a few questions you may want to ask:
    How long have they been grooming?
    How do they sanitize their equipments
    and what all does theur grooming include?

    You will be shocked at how many people go ahead and book and never call another person or they end up calling you back after they realize that price isn't everything.

    Unless you have a commercial on TV, then your phone call is your commercial... treat it as such.


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      You know I have no trouble talking with details....

      Oh, I tell them about being a member of APPGA, 31 yrs exp. spalavish package, A/C hydro-surge. I say power wash that cleans deeper and exfoliates the skin ,yadda, yadda. They make appt. then day before, cancel. I figure they talked to someone else and don't know what that groomer said .I have a commercial on my message. If I pick up, I tell them then. I ask where they have een going and why the change, ask age, coat condition...all the stuff. Rarely, but it has happened, some don't want to answer questions, they want prices or just don't care to listen to my schpeel. One woman said " I don't want to buy your van, I just want a price for grooming !How Rude.It says I groom small spoiled dogs that are acustomed to being groomed, sleep on owners' bed. up to 40lbs. Leave name I can call you nback and spoil your dog some more. People love it, but it doesn't always secure another groomer offering a lower price later.Being friends with other mobiles, we know they call all of us!!!I offer advice. by that I mean not to shave the husky, not vet advice. I think a website will probably help a lot.


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        Websites are fabulous!!!!


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          Charge them

          You should charge cancellations if the client doesn't give you 48 hours of notice. That what I would do if I had my own shop. But I'm still a newbie in grooming.

          Stephen: Groomer Friend, it is illegal to charge for cancellations like that in many areas, check local and state laws, and what the laws say about how you had to given notice of such a policy.


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            Cancelation fees? Naaaa

            As Stephen....OZ said, it is illegal. For me, a waste of time. She may actually reschedule. Some people just don't express themselves well, and don't give reasons. wait and see ,time will tell.