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    There is a mobile groomer a few towns away from me who is presently full. We know each other cordially and sometimes run onto each other and are always friendly. Every so often I come across a customer who has used her. I guess she doesn't want to groom their dogs for some reason so now they use me. These customers have found me on the Internet or are recommended by local vets. What bothers me is why doesn't she give them my name if she is full and doesn't want these customers. She knows I am not full. What she does is tell them she is full and not taking new customers or doesn't return their phone calls. She does not give them my name.

    All I can think is she feels I am a lousy groomer for some reason.

    It makes me feel bad.

    I guess if I was in her shoes I would be happy to help another mobile groomer especially if these cusomers were looking for someone.

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    Wet Noze,

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'll bet her not referring to you has nothing to do with what you think it does People are funny. I have been referring to another mobiler for 2 years. In all that time she has referred 2 matted standard poodles to me. She was very friendly to me in the beginning and now won't even return my calls. I have never bad mouthed her and have referred hundreds, literally hundreds of dogs to her.

    Maybe she is upset that you are on her turf but doesn't want you to think she is a jerk. It could be an insecurity thing. Say nothing bad about her to anyone and let it go


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      I agree with soap. It probably has nothing to do with you or your talents, but rather her own insecurity. In my state I am friendly with other mobile groomers and have received referals from them, and I intend to do the same with a new one I hear is in town. My old boss, however, even though she is full, she will not refer clients to me, or anyone else for that matter. She's under the impression we should all be in competition, and if we groom a dog she has done in the past we've "stolen" them.

      It may take some time, but the clients that you are doing will most likely refer people to you, and you mentioned you do get vet referals, which is really good. It would be nice if the other groomer would send some clients your way, but honestly, in no time you'll probably be turning away clients as well.
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        Sometimes you just need to speak up. Maybe she just doesn't know that you would like her to refer you. Maybe the next time you see her in friendly conversation say, by the way, I know that you don't except new customers, and it would really help me establish my business if you could refer them to me......or something of the never know, people are funny. for all you know she may think by referring to you what she doesn't want it would be an insult to you. anyway, it can't hurt to ask.


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          Call her as a friend. Complement her on how busy she is and ask if she could give you some ideas... then lead into asking her to refer to you. Be willing to meet with her and let her inspect your rig and your grooming.

          When I opened my first salon another groomer started referring clients to me. The first thing I did was call and thanked her and invited her to visit my salon. After the second referral I sent her a cookie bouquet of dogs. We now are friends and respricate.


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            Maybe she doesn't know how you groom. Sometimes it is hard to refer someone to someone else if you don't know how their work is. Just a thought.
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              I've referred to others

              and have put in a couple of calls asking mobilers if they did some of the dogs I don't do or cats. Sort of the opposite of your situation, though I'm not full, but still sometimes too busy, or too far away or such. Never a call back, nor a thank you.

              I agree, I would call her, chat a bit and let her know you'd like some overflow if she wouldn't mind.

              Heck, maybe she thinks you are so good that her turn downs will come to you and then tell her other clients how great you are?
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                Pixie has a point, maybe you could meet with her and show her your portfolio (if you don't have one yet, make one, it's not difficult, just take some shots of your before and afters and put them in a photo album). If she sees your work she may be more comfortable referring you.

                If she's competitive, she may not be referring people to you because she doesn't want your van seen in neighborhoods where she goes -- she may be afraid that her clients will see a new groomer and want to switch in search of a better price or just someone different.

                Without talking to her you'll never know, so I guess the only way to learn what's up is to get in touch. And if you don't want to do that, that's fine too ... you'll just have to forget about her and move on.

                You also have a choice whether to refer to her or not. If she starts getting clients referred by you she may start referring to you as well. Even a fully booked groomer needs new clients; old dogs die, people move or get unhappy. While you are probably taking anyone who calls since you're building up your business, you'll soon be getting more picky about where you'll drive to, if you get calls from areas she goes to but you do not you can refer her and hope that she catches on that it can mutually beneficial.

                Good luck, be patient ... you'll be very busy before you know it. About 150 dogs on regular schedules is all you need! (For real, 120-180 dogs on 4, 6 or 8 week schedules. The more frequent they are groomed the closer to 120 dogs. I find the majority of my clients are pleased with 6 weeks, I have some 4 weeks and some 8 weeks and find that 150 dogs keeps me pretty busy over the course of a couple of months.)




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                  Did u see the thread on 2/27/07?

                  About "would you say something'?
                  Kind of the same area.