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  • In memory of sweet Jean...

    I was making my reminder calls last night for today's appts. When I called Jean (who resides in an assisted living facility for the elderly), I got a message that the line was disconnected. I called the office and told them, and I was informed the line was being worked on. I asked that they kindly remind Mrs. Gamble in room #120 that I would be arriving at 9am and the nice lady said she would. Well, I arrive about 15 mins early and buzz myself in the door. I get to the room, but the name plate has changed. I walked around the corner to ask a nurse if she had been moved. She laughed and said she died a month ago! I had to hold back the tears. I was so pissed that she would laugh like that, and I ADORED this client. She was by far my most favorite and her little Lhasa, Cici, was an angel in a dog outfit...seriously. I cried all the way home and decided to take this time to remember my friend and gather my thoughts. I am just regretting that I didn't think to get her daughter's contact info. to send a card.

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    That's very sad. I am sorry. Sometimes I think these people just see so much they become immune to it (death, sickness) Once when my brother was in the hospital(he was 14 at the time, so in pediatrics) I was 30. There was an infant(no more then 1 yr.old) crying uncontrollably in the next room. I just wanted to go and pick her up to console her. I walked out into the hall and overheard 2 nurses saying, "i wish that kid would shut up!!" Well let me just say they got my 2 cents! We should never forget to be humane.


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      i'm sorry for how you feel in the past 3 yrs i've had 3 clients die too it's hard to get used to it when you like them so much,anyways before my dad died he was in the hospital before he died, he was in the intensive care unit they had tied him down because he was trying to take the iv off i had stepped out to eat and when i came back three of the nurses were just standing around him and one was laughing at him they were betting on him being able to untie himself or not they did not realize i was behind them i stood there for a couple of minutes just listening to them i was so mad i told them off i told them i wanted to talk to the supervisor of the hospital and that i did not want that nurse to touch or treat him ever again i was crying so much because i could not understand how they thought it was so funny when my dad was so sick, the supervisor came and brought a social worker with him that same day, and took care of it.


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        So sad!! We have a poodle that lives with our bather that came from an assisted living facility. I have never seen people so happy to Get rid of a dog in my life. I felt so bad to, I had mistaken her skinniness for old age. They called us and said that the little girl needed to find a home in two days about a year and a half ago. Our community does not have a humane society and the pound here is about as bad as anyone could imagine. They said this woman did not have children who would take her pet because she had abandoned them for animals twenty years earlier, that the dog was not housebroken, was evil, and that they had been telling her for years that the dog had to go. The dog was at least 16 when we took it in. I did not want to see a sixteen year old dog that had lived with a elderly patient and lifted the spirits of an entire assisted living community be put down after spending 7 days in an un-air-conditioned disease ridden facility. She had no teeth and was incontinent sweet as pie though. Of course they lady died two weeks after we visited her with punky which was only a month after we got her. She started crying when we walked in and said it was the best present she had ever had to know her dog was still ok. Oh yes, she was also almost starved to death (the dog) by the facility they skeleton of a dog I saw changed back to normal under our care. Horrible!! I understand the tears!! My only regret is that we did not visit her more often.


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          I'm so sorry for your hurt. Some of our clients are very close to us they are almost family and it hurts when we loose one of them. It makes me sad that the nurse would act that way in reguards to the death of this women. My father was in a nursing home for a couple of weeks before his death. I felt that the staff there were a caring people. Of course I wasn't with him 24-7 but I was there with him as much as I could be and the staff where always there taking care of him. I think we were lucky.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            Thanks all, for your thoughts. I am still feeling down about it, but much better. I just really have a special place in my heart for this woman, and I feel like it would have been nice to say goodbye.