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  • Websites? How?

    This post should probably be in General Talk, but I'm going mobile, so I thought I'd post this to other mobilers. How did you make yours'? I've been cruising around to alot of websites here and have been impressed with each one! I'd like to do one on my own, but is it hard?

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    Hello. I too am wondering about the same issue. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with Eric Letendre's, The Wealthy Groomer products?
    I believe he specializes in building websites specifically for groomers.


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      It is NOT hard...a child could do it. It is not expensive either. No need to pay someone money to do this for you. If you have at least the educational level of a middle school student you can do this.

      Go to

      You will need to, of course, secure a domain name of your choosing (it will check to see if it is available) and purchase that (maybe $30 for a year or two). Then get their WebsiteNOW application where you build your own 5 page website using THEIR tools and THEIR templates to design your own site (you can import your own pictures, put in your own texts etc.). In fact, here is the link to their site

      I did my own site in 15 minutes!!!!! I have turned on many of my friends to this site and they all said "I can't believe i didn't do this sooner it is TOO easy (no, I am not affiliated with this provider in any way).

      Check mine out,

      It may not be the classiest or have all the bells and whistles that an independent web designer can build for you (and cost you $$$$$$). But it does the job plus YOU Can modify it any time you want! Check it out! There is NO reason not to have a website when these tools are available.



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        I have a website. I go through They too have a website builder and many different hosting plans.

        I didn't use their site builder, but I hear it's pretty good. is my site, I built it with cutesite.


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 Build it yourself, more 'room' than you'll ever need, and 20 bucks a month. I love it. You can go to their site and see all of the features you get. Have fun! :-)


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            Hi, I really like my website, I designed it myself:-) I took an idea from one site, an idea from another, etc.

            I designed mine in Microsoft PUBLISHER.

            I purchased my domain name from
            my site is

            I upload my site whenever I want and add more to it. Since it is saved on my computer I can add new info, change out pictures whenever I want and as often as I want. My website costs me $70 per year and it have 10 email addresses as well... krist[email protected], etc.


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              thanks for all the great leads


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                Microsoft live

                My husband got me set up with a web site through Microsoft live. The best part is it's free and I have my own .com There are some things that you do have to pay to use, but as I am just starting out I'm opting not to use those right now. It's very user friendly (if I can figure it out anybody can LOL).


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                  woof x 2...that shih tzu under the pet styling catagory looks like its LAUGHING! how cute is that!!!
                  Gracyrose....your website is awesome!!! how adorable!!!
                  again i loved EVERYONES websites..i always enjoy looking at them all!
                  WTG Guys!


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                    See, I was soooo impressed with all the great websites. Furelite, your's is so professional! Woof X 2, How Cute!! All the dogs look so happy. I love the pic of the Yorki! The first pic looks like she's (he?) really having a bad hair day and looks so happy in the after. And Gracy Rose, What cute salons you have! I love the fences between the individual tubs in the DIY area. Thanks for all the great tips, ladies!


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                      Woof X 2, I forgot to mention I LOVE your kennel too! It looks really nice and clean inside. Sounds like you go way above and beyond!


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                        My site is designed in Dreamweaver, but the host site does have its own web building software should you wish to use it. I go through IXwebhosting now. It costs me only $3.95/month if paid 2 years at a time. That allows me 2 domain names (which they offer for free, but I only recently transfered my site to them so I am still having to pay for my domain names from my original domain name host). For that price, I have both of my websites. and Both are fairly large with the grooming site soon to be getting larger as I get around to adding the photos. My friend originally designed the sites for me when she was just starting out with her business, then simply showed me how to do updates, change photos etc and I have maintained the site myself for the last several years.


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                          i wish i could have seen the pictures on those websites...(especially gracyroses!) but they wouldnt load on my computer!! GRRR! ah well...hopefully ill be able to check back on my fiance's computer and see!


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                            Carol, besides your first name backwards why lorac?


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                              I use total choice hosting. $5 monthly to host, $10 a year for domain name. I build my own, with microsoft frontpage. Very easy to use!