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I really messed up.

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  • I really messed up.

    Yesterday was such a beautiful day and we had this noreaster predicted for today. My husband decided to go to a local flea/ farmers market. I wanted to go with him but had a couple of dogs booked. Then one of my customers with two huskys called and wanted to switch to next Saturday, I said okay. Then the other customer called and asked was my appointment this week or next week, so I told him it was next week. DH and I went out and had a nice day. Then I realized that next weekend is Intergroom, which I am already signed up for. I can do the two Huskies sometime during the week after the kid gets home from school. But the Standard Poodle takes me 3 hours and the man doesn't get home from work until around 7. It is too nasty to take the truck out today. I don't know if I should call him and let him know now or just wait until next Saturday and call and say the truck won't start. Anybody want to do a nasty Standard next Saturday?

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    Be truthful

    I don't think you messed up all that bad. In the future always doublecheck your books, never try to answer off the top of your head.

    Anyway, what's done is done, I'd call and try to reschedule -- maybe now is the time to convince the owner how convenient it would be if he left a key for you and you could start early and he comes home to a nice groomed pet. Don't lie about the truck, you don't want to sound like you might be unreliable in the future. Just truthfully tell him you made a mistake about the scheduling and you already had plans to attend a professional event and further your training.

    If they aren't flexible to let you access the dog when they are not home or you can't figure out a good day for either of you, think if you really want a dog that takes three hours on your schedule. We can't talk money here, but how much $$ do you get for a dog that takes an hour? Do you get three times that for the std poodle? I only have a couple of standards on my client list and won't have more than three, maybe four, at any one time. They take me 90 minutes to two hours and I would get more money grooming two Shih Tzus for example than I get for the statndards. I'd have to raise their price about $25 to meet my "hourly" rate -- my charges are a combination of hourly/breed/disposition/what-the-market-will-bear. I find if I ask more for Standards than what I am getting now I don't get them, and DO like to have a few for the practice, and they re generally nice dogs, I enjoy grooming them. But if the one you are doing is so nasty, why put yourself through it?


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      Take the truck out today. Get it overwith.


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        Originally posted by Lauri View Post
        Take the truck out today. Get it overwith.
        I would to.
        Once you're in the van with the dog, you're warm and toasty.

        It's never a good idea to fib.
        I'd be riddled with guilt even it was a tiny white lie.


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          I would have gone out today. Heck, I have to go out tomorrow when the worst of the storm is supposed to hit so I don't have to miss Intergroom. I will be there Saturday and sunday shopping my butt off.
          If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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            I have done things like that. I just call and tell them that I am sorry, I had forgotten I had intergroom that day. If the storm is that bad, I wouldn't go out. The van getting damaged by tossing debris is a lot worse and more costly in the end than just calling and rebooking. Meanwhile I live in the noreast and I thought the worse was yesturday. If it is bad out there, I wont go out at all.
            Another groomer here has her van not yet a year and already its a lot more dented than mine and thats from driving in bad weather and having tree branches fly into it.


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              IMPRESS THEM with the fact that you have a very important grooming seminar and convention to attend, as you are always trying to improve upon your skills...ok so don't say it exactly like that, but it is a way to throw out the fact that you take your job very seriously.

              Tammy in Utah
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