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ClipperVac? Ivac? TaxiVac?

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  • ClipperVac? Ivac? TaxiVac?

    Never used any of these, but will be going mobile soon. Are they better to have in the mobile than regular clippers? In looking at the section that lets you post pics of grooms, the ones done with "vacs" look a lot smoother. What'dya think? better? a hassle? Too awkward? Heavy? let's hear it!

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    I know I like the Taxivac over the clippervac. I have a clippervac in my van, but recently I worked with another mobile groomer and I used her Taxivac. What I liked was that the Taxivac had a regulator dial, which is the strength of the suction for the vacuuming.

    But the clippervac is either on or off and that's it. The Clippervac does have a regular on the clipper atachment, but it gets too loud and many dogs don't like it anywhere near their head or neck area.

    I never used the Ivac though.

    After having a clippervac I've had alot less hair splinters on my arms and chest. I also have much nicer grooms I think.


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      I'm curious on this one too!! hope there's lots to hear on this!!!


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        Well, clipping with suction , is ...different. You just have to see how the unit that you are using will be. I've had 3 clipper vac, they each have a little different suction ration. I probably would have liked the Taxi , but never had a chance to use one. In my rig, with the inverter, the Taxi would probably have been the one ..IF I had to purchase one...but I already had a Model 1 (a med sized one that will work for up to 3 no need to buy another...the Taxi draws less amps if you are using it on lower air suction...the more suction the more amps. (so if you are counting amps...go with a Taxi.

        I has my big shop unit...a Model 1-A, loved it for years...when I left the pet resort, the owner bought it could stay, because the rest of the "crew" used it and all wanted it to stay.

        Then because I do teach, and want to be mobile as a relief groomer, or if I need to go into a shop in a sort term basis...I bought a new Romani little baby I ever bought. I can use it as back up in my rig, or as a take along.

        If you do get a CV, no matter what brand...make sure to get an instructional video. Romani has one for each new unit they sell. (not something you always get with some of the used models. The instructional videos show you the in and outs of a CV system. When using less suction will cause less boo-boo's, most new CV uses want to use that puppy up on high! Big no-no unless you put on a longer blade for the end result...Many groomer use their CV with reverse grooming, I personally don't care for that, but it's a way to fix and even things up, you just need a long blade something.

        Aside from the blades not getting as hot (yes they can still heat up), I can't think of a reason not to have one or to learn how to use one, for your health, it's very nice. Less hair splinters, less dander, butter air quality in tight spaces.

        Personally after having used a CV for so many years...I simply won't groom with out one. That's why I have 2, one in my rig, and one that is portable.

        Yes I have an iVac, hooks into either one of my units. Yes I had a few problems with it, but they seem to have been resolved, and I love my iVac, that I hook into my CV's.

        The luxury of the iVac is of course it will hook into a shop vac, for someone that does not have the other units (Taxi or Romani).

        My advice would be to find a local shop that has a vac system, and ask if they can give you a 'sample' time. I did in my shop location...I know, most groomers don't talk to one another...but give it a try anyway. Or see if there is a mobile groomer that will let you try one on for size.


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          I will never again work without a vacuum. It makes leaving longer clips a breeze. It saves me time on both the groom and on clean up. I now rarely ever get hair splinters.

          I have a clipper vac and use an IVAC clipper ( right now back to using my andis with it as the cord on my IVAC broke) I prefer the IVAC as it is much lighter as well as the hose comes out the end rather than conneted on the side so less to get in the way.


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            I prefer taxivac over clipper vac mainly because of the attachment. The clipper vac has a HUGE metal piece that screw onto your clippers and will be totally in your way if you are not using the vac. The taxivac has a tiny flat piece of metal that you use to attach to your clipper and I am fine with it even if I am not using the vac system.

            IVAC, totally different, it is not a vac system, you MUST buy a vac (either shop vac or a clip/taxi vac system. IVAC is the clipper with a tube that holds the cord and allows hair to be sucked into it by your vac system. Many people prefer this because you don't have a cord and the hose.

            I prefer taxivac because I don't have to buy a special clipper (with IVAC if you break it you are without vac system for awhile). When I bought my Taxivac I ordered an attachment for each of my clippers and if my Laube's aren't performing, I use my Andis or Wahl. The attachments were very inexpensive comparatively.

            Now, lets talk Taxivac- I went with the single groomer one and bought one for each grooming station in the shop as opposed to a central vac system. I found it more cost effective because I could add another one as my business grew. When I hire a groomer I find out what clipper they use and order a piece for them (If I don't have it), if they leave I will get it back.


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              I've never used the Ivac so I can't comment on that. But between the TaxiVac and the ClipperVac, I'd pick the TaxiVac everytime. I don't care for the ClipperVac at all.


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                I'm from the old school (BC- before clippervac) but I have learned to like it. I like it alot for some coats and not so much for others. It annoys me to use it on a heavily matted coat, so I don't but I love to use it on long cuts. It really cuts down on scissor time for me. I would really like to try a taxivac. Anyone out there in the Ft. Myers area have one that I could come by and try?


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                  Anyone using the IVAC with a WNT pet pro? How did you do the hook-up?


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                    Mamabearwith2, I use a clipper vac. I've seen the other makes but never had first hand usage of them. I love my clipper vac. Especially that Wahl has those new metal comb attachments out. Talk about a nice cut.


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                      I vote hands down for the Ivac. I have a clipper vac and found it too cumbersome. My friend with a WGT Pro switched to the Ivac and it was easy to install.