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Looks like I won't be going mobile this year after all my planning.

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  • Looks like I won't be going mobile this year after all my planning.

    Ends up I'm going to have to rent an apartment for the next four months until I buy my home. So I can't exactly have a commercial van parked infront of this complex. By the time I close on a home in August the busy grooming season is over, People get busy with their kids activities at the start of the school year, people just realize how much they spent this summer and refuse to groom fluffy. Plus I miss the whole big new puppy season. So I'm thinking I work at a big box pet place until next april. Save up some more money(after the home drains my bank account) And then and only then do I start planning either mobile or a store front since the cost seems very similar. Plus I am moving to a new state so this will give me time to learn the pricing!! I feel sad but happy at the same time???! I guess this is better for me so I can learn about pricing

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    Either time is fine:-) Building up more money is always a good thing but also after you home is the begining of the Holiday season:-) This is a good time to get started and build up your clientele.


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      Storing Mobile

      We store our van in an RV Storage facility, not cheap but secure and the RV guy is a qualified Onan Service facility. Even with a home there still isn't good parking at our location. I park my vehicle in our van space while we are out grooming, it works for us.


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        If you're moving to a new state anyway, it's probably best that you wait to start your mobile. You might be anxious to get it now but just think everything happens for a reason!


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          Very true sweetpea, I'm going to pickup as much information as I can in the area i'm moving too. So that maybe next spring I'll start things off right with mobile