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  • Mega top Sprinter

    Are the Sprinter convertors going to be offering the mega top versions or do you already? I'm 6'2" and concerned about the amount of head room I would have in the regular high top Sprinter. Does someone my heighth have enough head room? If they are going to be offered how much more will they be cost wise?

    I really can't decide whether to go with a WNT or Sprinter. From what I've researched they both have advantages and disadvantages. The price of fuel is making me want to learn more about Sprinter and the inverter system. My concern with the Sprinter would be mechanical issues and having a servicing dealer that is pretty far away. I'd like to hear some more pros and cons from the experts.

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    They are supposedly coming out with a higher topped Sprinter this year. There is not enough clearance for you in the current model. My hubby, who is 6'2" cannot stand up straight in mine.


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      I think Curtis already had one. I hope they are wider they make me feel cramped.


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        Super high top, Sprinter

        The normal high top is already 4 inches higher than the 2006 and older units. The super high top adds another 4-5 inches on top of that.
        As usual, gain something lose another. The super high top goes over the 9' mark on the exterior so it is not drive through friendly like the normal high top.
        The factory has not released any of these super high tops that we can get yet. Not sure when. I have already built the first 2007's. Wonderful to build in.

        So if you have been in an older one you were too tall. In the newer 2007 you gain a hand high and in the super high two hands gained.

        BTW, the new 2007's are "WoooooooW". They are a little wider. Taller. even quieter. Standard with oversize alternators.So quiet that the muffler is only about the sixe of an oatmeal container.

        I didn't think you could make a diesel any quieter. But mercedes did!
        They up sized the standard engine even though I had no complaints about the original in regards to power.

        The underside is also made to allow for future alternative fuels and additional battery bank or water tank space. One slot looks like a hydrogen tank slot. So you know exactly what I'm thinking. Fuel cell!!!!???? yeah! Self Hydrogen generation to fuel things. It makes my Flords look so out of date and old looking.... I just decided, literally right here... to drop my Ford line. They, ford, are so far behind they will never catch up with Mercedes. Besides GM just dropped their GM cargo van line. Wonder when Ford will toss in the towel.

        I'm off to future land and the most fun design project I've ever encountered.
        Doug, dream up some thing you could do with the hydrogen.



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          I'm not sure which version was at the Atlanta show, but I'm 5'11 and my hair touched the top of the ceiling (no, I don't have a beehive, lol).
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            Like what? It makes an ok torch. The probelm with that fuel is it rusts out the engine and the exhaust.You have to use stainless exhuast and ceramic coated pistons and valves.I have the how to cook book from a few years a ago.
            I think when an alternative can be tracked and road tax applied by the mile you will find they have had all the answers all along. Water vapor injection combined with turning fuel into a more fine size vapor so it burns completely was plenty back in the late 70's. A very large portion of the fuel going into the modern engine is not burned but instead used to cool down the exhaust and the firing chamber. That was why we mostly needed catiltic converters.To burn the rest of the unburned fuel.
            When they come out with the fuel cell it will have a short life span by design. I think I will stick with electric.


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              Furry... Atlanta was a 2006

              Hi Furry...
              Atlanta was a 2006.

              Now that same model in the 2007 Sprinter would allows you to have a 5.5 inch "beehive" before it touches the ceiling and the super high will allow a B-52 type 9"+ beehive! HeHeHeHe.

              I would love to see a groomer grooming dogs in a beehive. A sprinter with "caddy" tail fins. Mom use to wear 10" beehives when I was little. Iloved poking holes in it with my fingers. Crunch! Powwwwwww! :~

              But you also have to keep in mind that even the fiberglass top van like we and others build lose about 3.5" where the inside A/C housing is located which is always over your head at the table so when I or anyone says the Fords have "x" inches, you have to reduce that by the 3.5 at the table. Now with that said the Fords and the 2007 are pretty much at the same height at the table so the height is no longer a comparative point to compare it to our Ford vans units or anyone elses Ford units.
              Now it is a matter of, "Do I want even more height than any of the Ford cargo based van versions offer?" If so you have to get one with the super high top.

              Or maybe I should say it this way. If the 2007 is too short, the Sprinter is the only unit that can even offer a higher interior through the offering of this new super higher.

              I've seen so many variations in the Ford heights at the table, yuors may be higher than most. Furry, how high is it to your ceiling or A/C at your table where you stand?


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                Doug... Use your imagination but don't cook the dogs!

                Maybe I was thinking on the lines of hydrogen generation for storage and discharge to your home for use. A lot of energy is left over when the Sprinter is being driven. Convert it to hydrogen and put it into you own system at home for what ever comes.
                Nah! That’s not what I meant.

                Or maybe for fuel credits when you put it into the hydrogen "grid" that is sure to come about in about 9 months and 6 days and 29 hours.

                or maybe a small hydrogen powered gen was where I was heading?

                Actually I just skewed that answer to avoid saying "EXACTLY" what I'm thinking but it is along that line. Come on doug. You can do better than "cooking".
                Make hydro while you drive. Burn it to make electricity when you need it for that Darn Roof Top AC!!!! or that Winter heater or overnight freeze prevention heat or maybe even for instant hot tank less water heaters or maybe even GAS AC unit....
                Or what the heck, A hydrogen Grill that can be used to cook a burger or two for customers. You and use it in-doors....Right? HeHeHe

                I'm just tossing out the brain storming stuff and most of the time brain storms only last long enough to spark only one or two ideas that are feasible but you never know until you brain storm and find out. Besides, I have my fingerprints in all kinds of product now so who knows who might be reading and one day they have to thank me for making them think out of the box so they could come up with "product x" or the Hydrogen AC to solve the Ford inverter/Air Conditioner capacity issue where we have to have all day A/C so we don't have to have so many batteries.

                BTW, the corrosion issue is a simple fix if what I heard at CU is accurate info.

                Hey, start selling Balloons on the side! "Hey Mom!!!! Look what I bought from the neighborhood mobile groomer! I bought a pretty KaBLOOOOON."

                Outside of those hints......Zzzziiiiiipp!

                Oh! What the heck... one more hint. You are still thinking in the all or nothing mode when it come to power sourcing. Power source distribution diversity!!!!

                In the early 60's a wise wall street tycoon told a future tycoon, "Plastics, young man. Plastics."
                In the seventies one future tycoon said to another future tycoon, "Personal computing, young man. Personal Computing"

                Now.... I heard a to-be tycoon say...."Multi-power sourcing, young man. Multi-power sourcing!" and then he said......."remember the Rope."

                Later Doug. Fun braining you. See ya at Intergroom.



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                  Curtis...I don't know the height answer to your question, off the top of my head. I'll find out tomorrow though. I don't plan on getting in my van until I have to, LOL! Its been a looonggg week. I'm glad that it does come in a higher top.
                  don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                    2007 Sprinter

                    Hi Curtis! Joe the groomer from Phoenix here; we met in Burbank. Have you built a new 2007 model yet? If so, do you have any pics you'ld like to share? Has the fuel mileage suffered any with the new engine and design? I can't wait until I can get out from under the RV I've got now, figuratively speaking of course. The Sprinter is still my favorite choice for a new mobile.


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                      I'll stick with electric.The last time the germans played with hydrogen near here they lit up the sky around Lake Hust Naval base only a couple miles from here.It still smells like sour kraut when it gets damp out.
                      I preffer to keep it simple ...... . The kiss montra.No generater no engine = freash air and silence.
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                        Good morning Doug. I hope you survived the wicked weather! Thanks for allowing me to pick your brain the other day. I decided not to go w/ the mobiles we were looking at. I realize now I just need to save my pennies and be patient.
                        Happy day!
                        joe the groomer


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                          Good choice,yesterday at the fuel station I was talking to a guy from pa and he told me gas was already at 3.00 @gal just over the river. Cant wait to see what memorial day brings. When the go go juice hit record levels so do the used vans for sale.
                          This could be the year.Whahahahahah.Bring it on home @ 4 bills. Speaking of super high fuel prices each state has a surcharge cap but it is very high. I was looking one that was 20% the cost of a sale.Yikes, that would take some brass ones to charge that much for a surcharge. Would'nt it be funny to see a fuel surcharge on fuel lol. Glad I dont need a gen.