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  • Don't Ask How Much

    I would say about half my customers that hire me to groom their dogs don't ask me how much. I am pretty amazed by this. I would never hire anyone to do anything without asking that. Today someone actually followed me home in my van to ask me groom their dog. Didn't ask how much. It's crazy!

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    Well I've had a few of the one's who never ask, so I usually offer the information. The one's who didn't ask but had the opportunity to ask just didn't care how much. They are still loyal clients.

    Then I had a few that assumed the price can't be much more if anything than shop prices so they were stickershocked when I did offer the amount to expect. But were sold on the home service idea.


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      Those are my FAVORITE clients. They don't ask, because whatever you tell them, will be worth it to them.


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        I agree!

        THOSE are the customers that build our clientele, not people who call and their first first words are, "What are you guys' prices?" DUH!!!


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          I know the other day I had an appointment at a house with 4 hairy dogs, 2 shelties, one Keeshond, and a chow mix. They wanted them all bathed brushed and lightly trimmed. 3 out of 4 were matted but brushable, I told them I could brush it but it was going to take a while and was a lot of work. Well They never asked the price and paid what they owed and let me show them how to properly brush there dog and prebooked for 4 weeks. And tipped me $40.00 I was floored! Very nice people.


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            I find that most people that call to enquire about grooming do ask about price at some point in the conversation, but with the genuinely interested price isn't the first question that comes up. But with bargain hunters shopping around, price is ALWAYS the first thing they ask!


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              I seldom have anyone ask how much and I don't have my minimum of my message machine:-) I am in the Orlando area... I am not sure if that makes a big difference.

              I do get alot of people calling to see when I can groom their dog and are trying to make an appointment before I can even ask "where do you live", "what type of dog", etc.


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                Good indicator

                That's usually a good indicator of someone who is either already familiar with mobile grooming or knows what they want/need for their pet and the price isn't the main consideration. Callers who's first few questions are not about price usually book with me even though I typically have a 4-6 week wait to get on my client list, barring a cancelation opening things up.

                The ones I can barely get myself to return the call to are the ones who leave me a message "How much to bathe my dog?" without even letting me know breed or size or type or anything about their dog, let alone where they even live. Those callers NEVER book once they hear the price and that they have to get on a regular schedule, no "twice a year whether they need it or not" jobs. Because I value my reputation I return ALL calls, even those however.

                I love the ones who balk at the price, wonder how I could possible get that price, then book because for one reason or another they need the mobile service regardless of how they feel about the price -- when I tell them the waiting time until the next appointment I can practically hear their jaw dropping to the floor. They often turn into really good clients once they appreciate the service.

                I am EXTREMELY dependable, I call if I will be earlier or later then the time window I gave them, their dog(s) get a toy for their first groom, b'day or adoption day (or anniversary of their first groom if I don't have either of those dates) and a holiday gift -- I let the owner know several times a year that I appreciate their business and the gifts, Zany's toys from PetEdge, typically cost under a buck a piece.

                I am quick and I am good. Most of the dogs love me, they come running to me when I come to the door (the liver treats in my pockets help!) and the owners truly think they are giving their pet a wonderful treat. I often hear stuff like "JoJo HATES when we bathe him between grooms but he really seems to love going into your van!" They can't put a price on that, and my area is full of busy professionals who are used to buying their way out of time-consuming chores such as going to the groomer, cleaning their houses, etc. Dry Cleaners do a brisk pick up and delivery business around here, as does any business that caters to people. And its great to know you can't possible be outsourced to India or China. (My own rule is that if I can groom a dog quicker than I can do the chore, I pay someone else to do it, i.e., it takes me 4-5 hours to clean my house top to bottom and I can pay for it in "one and half dogs" or less than two hours. No brainer, I get the house done every other week!)

                Anyway, I get most of my clients through word-of-mouth and those callers never ask the price.