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    Okay, so I may have put my foot in my mouth.
    I asked someone who I've known for about a year and is kind of a friend or I should say were working on becoming friends, if she wanted to be a partner in a moblile grooming unit.
    She knows how to do basics but not how to cut hair. Her part would be to do the basics and prep the dog(s), driving, answer the phone and setting the appointments. She's already told me she plans to let me make most of the decisions b/c she dosn't know a lot, but at the same time she's kind of bull headed.
    The reason I asked her to be a partner is because I would really like to get into moblile grooming but I'm afraid I'll be lonely if I do it by myself. I won't have anyone to talk to for 8 to 10 hours a day, not including when I pick up the dog and no one to talk back to me.
    If I decide I don't want her as a partner how do I go about telling her I really put my foot in my mouth asking her to be a partner?
    I'm so flustered, not only am I trying to decide what king of moblile unit I want, generater vs. inverter, pricing and now do I keep a partner or not?

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    most mobile units don't have the room for 2 people to work, also unless it is a multiple dog household, someone is going to be sitting around doing nothing and both will have to split the one payment
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      I personally LOVE working alone, I'm not mobile, I have my own shop. I never feel lonely and talking with someone really slows me down. I shouldn't say, because I've never groomed in a van -- but I think it would be kind of crowded with two people in there.

      If you have any reservations about going into business with someone...DON'T!! You can simply explain to her that further research indicates that a partnership probably isn't the best way to go.


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        maybe just say you researched it further and figured out that with two people it would be entirely too cramped for either one of you to be able to work comfortably and that your sorry you asked her so quickly but your afraid its not going to work out with a partnership type of business.


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          I wouldn't worry about being lonely. You will be so surprised how much interaction you get during the normal day, from all sources. If where you are is anything like where I am, you will soon become friends with other mobile groomers in the area.

          Also, whenever you work with someone in this type of situation it usually takes longer to groom a dog. Time is money.
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            CC is absolutely right, any reservations, and DON'T do it! Going into business with someone is a huge deal! Yes, there are times that it's worked out great, but there are also times where it has ruined friendships, caused bankruptcy, etc.
            You certainly don't want to be in an uneven partnership either. If you end up carrying more than your fair share of work you might hold a grudge.
            I think that there is a way to talk to her without hurting feelings. Nothing has been signed, it just sounds like you asked her without a real commitment. Just explain to her that after research you really just don't feel comfortable with it, something along those lines.
            And mixing a friendship with a business can be asking for trouble right there!

            Good luck!
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              I told a friend about an idea for her and I creating a business together about a month ago. I gave her two or three websites to check out to see if it would be something that she would want to invest all her waking hours into for 6 to 12 months.
              It's been a month and I don't see a ridicuous curiousity and enthusiasm from her. Therefore, I know she is not partner material.
              I have a dream for expanding my realm. I will look for a partner who is more maniacal than I am at planning, financing, creating, and grinding a vision out together.
              Business is not for good buddies. I will look for someone hard-headed, open-minded, hard-working, creative, and ready to commit financially. Again, Business is not for good buddies. JMHO