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  • changing my web site

    I am sure most of you mobilegroomers know that I have . The origninal purpose of this list was to provide a listing for my clients that moved from my area of service. I have enjoyed advertising a list of mobilegroomers by area code for several years, but this project has became such a labor and a thankless job. I think all the time I have been doing this I have less than 5 thank yous for this. Maybe I am being silly. For all the time and effort that goes unnoticed. I am thinking about stopping this project because of the expense. I have thought hiring a webmaster and paying them to do this or just use the site for my business only. If I hire a webmaster, would mobile groomers pay a small fee to list? If this happens I would not seek out mobilegroomers like I do now. The list would shrink, and would be more current. I am also thiking about moving the listing to any thoughts would be great.
    thank you

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    Sorry Piffy, I never knew that was you. I would deffinately be interested, depending how much it would be. Keep us posted!
    What does a dog do on it's day off?


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      Yo PIF
      I see from the post regarding your web portal, you have great domains. ( I think you have done a great service to all mobilegroomers by promoting others for no cost to them. I know how much time went into this, searching listings, bbs. and the printed book to find as many mobile groomers as possible. I know this because you found me, how I don't know because I don't advertise. Even thou I am not listed by my own request, because I work srictly by word of mouth and I am turning business as I type. (dammm telephone). Give it some more time like about week and yank it down and promote your own business. I see from all the views 65+ one comment I see where this is going.
      The group that will miss the miss is the client that moves from area to area looking for a mobilegroomer.

      only a thought -red fish blue fish-
      sim groomer


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        Like you know you are the first person to listen to me in such a long time. So I what to say thanks

        I like the new web site.


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          you beat me to it,

          I wanted to anounce my new web site, done by my great web master