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    Yep, sure 'nough!

    I have a girlfriend that just picked up her new Sprinter. It will be powered by Bio-Diesel, her DH makes for less then 70 cents a gal. He's been making it now for over a year, test running it in his diesel truck, they have even gone on some extended trips, (yes he carries a 50 gal drum on his truck for long trips). Guess he's really into this process, and all of it can be tax deductable becaue it powers her business vehicle...according to her (and my) accountant!

    She finally found a 2003 Sprinter, (just picked it up and got it back to AZ) it will be a first of many [I think] for us to see how it does. On the fuel saving alone she can make the rig's, a green machine for sure. No carbon exhaust. Yes, she'll have to run regular diesel in it ( actually half and half) when the temp is low, but that doesn't happen but a short time here in the PHX Valley...

    Her rig is also set up with both a gen and an Inverter. (the gen has never been used, in fact) Her rig has 5 big marine batteries, (her 5 equal 10 of my golf cart batteries for power)...and they run everything except the AC which runs off the engine and is vented into the grooming area...(Curtis this is one of your early rigs-2003)...

    It will be interesting to see how things go for her...I think that as time goes on, more and more of us will start to find an alternative source for power , both for our equipment we use and the rigs we drive...

    She was a die-hard WNT user, her last two rigs were "cadillac" rigs from WNT...but cost of fuel and efficiency has changed her mind...watching the progress with my old rig, with it's antique diesel and it's state of the art Inverter concept...she's a true convert...