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How's business in the Hampton Roads,VA area?

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  • How's business in the Hampton Roads,VA area?

    maybe selling my business and moving to the Hampton Roads area in VA
    Hubby trucking business gave him an option to move there,(taxes are so cheap towards NJ property tax)1,000 a year VS 8,500 a year.
    I was just wondering if mobile pet grooming is good in the area and pet sitting too.
    Would like to here from any groomers in the area

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    This a well-timed question, my best friend is up there right now vacationing at VA Beach and she called to tell me about all the gorgeous grooming salons she's seen. Not really helpful, just wanted to add my 2 cents.
    Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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      It's great. I'm in Norfolk, Virginia Beach areas and have been mobile since 05. Hampton Roads is the genetic name for the area and can include alot of cities so I don't know about other cities but my area rocks. There are a few mobiles here but not saturated by any means.


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        A1-mobile,I have a trailer set up too
        you have a great web site .
        we are looking into the Yorktown area,he needs land for trucking business
        and I might open a boarding kennel,I know VA doesn't have many regulation about kennels
        we look at one in Topping,VA last year,but it sold ,and the kennel owner told us so
        I have in the past rented on boarding kennels(2 years)then brought one (9years) lost it in a nightmare divorce
        up here in NJ and I have been grooming for 27 years now.
        Are there seasons when grooming does better,like down in Florida,I recall the fall is the best season for grooming on Florida.
        just wondering
        Thanks again for your help
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