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    How do you all do it when you have big windows? I was grooming three shelties today and only have the small windows that go lengthwise in the fiberglass top of my van and all three just wanted to look out the window and everytime someone walked by, especially with a dog, they went crazy. I've seen some where the tables sit right up against huge windows. It just made me wonder if you typically have the same issues with the dogs getting all uppity when they see things outside. Especially if the owners are outside doing yardwork? I'm becoming more and more happy about the fact that my friend got rid of all the windows on my bus. Plus, with even just those small windows, without curtains it really heats up quickly with the sun pouring in. I could only imaigne if I had a lot of big windows. I have to put my curtains back up. I took them down to wash them since they got so hairy, but they really need to go back up now that it's getting hot again. Just curious.
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    My windows are tinted for the sun glare. My table is in the middle so I'm not up against the wall. Most my dogs do not bark as I will correct them. I have an extra table in the van and usually the 2 dog sits over there and seems to enjoy looking out the windows.

    Some do get a bit antsy when they do see their owners, but I just have to deal with it.

    I like my big windows, don't feel as if I'm working in a box.


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      Windows for me!

      You folks with the "no window" rigs, can have them! Even a shuttle bus , I just can't work in a little dark hole, even in a salon, I had to have my windows!

      My LeSharo had windows 26x26 on each side (2 of them) front drive window and large rear window. The Chinook has an 8 ft window and a 5 ft window, a tiny porthole in the rear door and the front drive window .

      I had ligth colored Solar screen in the windows on the LeSharo. I have Window Perf over the Chinook's big windows. IF, I need to block the sun/glare or visual, I have a hair shedding curtain I can pull across on each side. I need it only once in a while mostly for glare.

      My new van has nice big windows 31H x 48L (2 on each side), one I will scarifice for the tub, 2 in the back doors and the drive window and the door being a one peice also has 2 huge windows. I'll eventually put window perf on them , but for a while it may not happen due to the cost of the build out. (there are always hidden costs, don'cha know).

      If I have an issue with a pet that is distracted, I pull the curtain or ask owner to vacate the visual for a few moments. Never had anyone have an issue with my asking. But then I seldom have an issue with a pet that can see ...I had to groom at the box store right in the dang window, and at my salon I usually had the front table where the pet could see into the reception area. Maybe I just have better control in a situation like that. I know several of my groomers didn't like that location, even thought they thought they would.

      I have to have my windows. In AZ my windows didn't heat up the rig because of the solar screan, here in WA, doesn't seem to be an issue, I was more worried about the cold with the Chinook's huge windows, but I just pulled the curtains. If it had been really cold, I'd have went down and purchased some of the foam board, and made some solid window coverings that I could put up once the rig was home and buttoned up for the night. the engine heater did a great job of keeping it warm during the day, and the plug in heater ok at night. Only a few nights were an issue this winter. We'll see with the new rig, and in the apt. complex, ow things will go this coming winter.


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        I have reg van windows in my camper van/mobile. I have curtains on all my windows. I am just today buying thicker / heat blocker type curtains for the heat, going to cut to fit. My table is in the rear, next to the rear windows. I do get a few dogs trying to peak / lean to the window but its not too bad. I also get a few dogs that know what doors they came in so they only want to look that way.

        When I had my truck camper it had a big window next to the table. It was most of my light. I had a few dogs that saw their owner & it was hard to turn them around. I put in a blue shower curtain (trimmed to fit) so I still got the light through it but dogs couldn't see out or owners can't tease their dog (I had one do that).

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          I started out in a corp store where people could watch, but most people would stay a fair enough distance back. I've always allowed people to stay if they wanted to and I find that pets behave just fine if the owner is right at the table, it's when they can see them and not get to them that they seem to get all antsy on me. I think today the issue I dealt with was one of territory. I never had dogs act like this at a salon where they could see other dogs or owners, but I think perhaps it's because they knew they were still on their own property??? I don't know, they all were just scrambling to see out the windows and guard against anyone who might come by. The owner actually came and knocked on my door because the first one was making so much noise. I had to park in the street today when I normally park in the driveway, so they were front and center to all the people out walking enjoying the nice weather today.
          IDK, when I worked in a corp store the only window we had to the outside was the glass door and the salon I worked in for 7 years, at 2 of the locations there were no windows we could see out of (The windows of one were blocked by racks of dog food) and the last location (We moved twice) has lots of windows, but being in the back with only a small wndow to the reception area I never really paid much attention. But for me as long as the grooming area is REALLY well lit with lots of flourescents I am more than good. In fact, the corp store was so bright I always looked forward to wokring in there on the gloomiest of days. I actually have SLD or whatever they're calling it now where I need a lot of light and working in an area with artificial light really helps me a lot. My husband is always yelling at me for having so many lights on. We have a lot of grey days here and that SO depresses me. I would much rather pretend the world outside is as bright as the inside of wherever I am
          I just like to get other peoples viewpoints on things. I find it interesting what works best for others. Call me a little different LOL
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            Windows are a blessing to me. I LOVE them. I think it helps the more nervous kids calm as they can look out and see there home. I can only think of once in 3 years that I had a dog get overly excited and that was because the family were all outside causing a lot of commotion and I never went back there. I use the windows a lot of time if I'm trying to distract a dog. For instance I have a schnauzer that hates me to touch his little fanny so I get him interested in something outside and then he doesn't pay too much attention to what I'm doing. If it is bothersom I'd just put up a curtain. I also like the extra light. Thumbs up for windows here!!
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              My van windows (WGT) are tinted. I rarely have any problems with a dog on the table going crazy, in fact, I think they get some comfort in seeing their “front door” while grooming. In mild weather, I have the windows open for fresh air. Working in a “no window” mobile would be like working in a tomb for me……..I’ve got to have WINDOWS !!

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                I'm a no window lover personally (I have a window in the door from the cabin to the back and, 2 sky lights/vents). I just don't like the temptation of passer-bys peering in, the dogs getting distracted and the extra heat from the sunlight. I work with a girl though that loves having a window and enjoys the less closed in feeling. However for the window and my sky lights we do put hooks or magnetic clips so if need be for either privacy or heat reduction we can tack up a towel or curtain.


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                  Love my windows,

                  since I have a small converted travel trailer, I have big picture windows on each side. Can't imagine working without them. I have the sheer neting curtains to cut down on the glare. Sometimes I'll throw a towel over the one at my table if it's too bright or an owner is outside. But really it's not a problem. Even in Florida , it doesnt get to hot in there. I think because it was a travel trailer it has great insulation and I have a cranking airconditioner! I am another one that could not work in a dark box.


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                    Just because there are no windows does not mean it has to be dark at all. The brightest salon I worked in had no windows to the outside. As long as I have lots of lighting on the inside I am much happier without the windows. I hate mine except for being able to get a cross breeze on a nice day. I don't think I'm going to have the same temp control problems with my bus that I have with my van. Just give me bright and comfortable temperture wise and I'm good. My windows are also tinted but when I open them for the cross breeze I swear the sun moves just so that it's streaming in through the screened in area to blind me. I was much happier with the curtains up, but I think my employee prefers having the windows curtain free. Everyone has their own preferences.
                    I did ask him to put in a roof top vent so I can get some air flow that way if I need to.
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                      You ladies that don't live in Tx are very lucky to be able to just open the windows.
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                        [QUOTE=mylady;413702]Just because there are no windows does not mean it has to be dark at all.

                        No offense My Lady, but my walk in closet has plenty of lighting too....I coulden't work in there either LOL. I need to see the trees , the grass and the sun, while I work. Especially working alone. But I realize everyone is different. You should do whatever makes you happiest.


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                          I realized tonight that probably, one of the reasons I don't mind not having windows is that I groom mostly at night when you can't really see anything outside anyway. In the summer when I get to my clients homes it's usually still light out, but by the time I leave it's dark and I don't even notice until I get out of the van.
                          What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.