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Still Trying to Reach Rialta Conversion New Owner - Please Help!!

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  • Still Trying to Reach Rialta Conversion New Owner - Please Help!!

    Hi everyone!
    I am still trying to reach the new owner of the VW Railta Conversion that was sold through the ads here on Petgroomer. I have a 97 Rialta that I don't use for recreational traveling anymore and would love to convert it - but my mind could really use some help if the new owner could get in touch with me and show me how their Rialta is set up. I have a limited budget and pictures would really help my mind get going with some ideas. I appreciate everyone reading and helping.

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    Why don't you contact Stephen and ask for the email address of the original owner who posted the ad. He/she may be of help and might even have pics they could send.


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      new owner

      I tried to send pic's but it came back to me with address you gave me


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        Please try to send me the pictures of the Rialta again - thank you thank you thank yo

        My e-mail address is [email protected].

        I can't tell you how much this means to me - I am so anxious and exited to get this on the road - there are sooooo many dogs out there (by me and the subdivisions that want you there. I know I can do this with all of your help and support.
        Thanks again,
        Happy Dog