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What is your average drive time in a full day

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  • What is your average drive time in a full day

    How much drive time to do you have in a day? I am estimating around 1.5 to 2 hours per day a sometimes 2.5 hours. Are there any books out there that address better routing, compensation for drive time etc. Thanks

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    I would say maybe an hour a day... I have been mobile grooming for five years now, I do keep my routes close together of course there are those days when it just doesn't work out as planned.
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      About an hour minimum a day and sometimes up to 2 hours when I didn't plan good.


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        Mine is usually two hours. I try to schedule closer routes, but it is soo hard. I am often all over town.


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          It varies

          But I only do two to three dogs most days. Tomorrow I have an extra dog that is a relative at the same house. I got the call tonight so I had to ad her in. Then off to Minnie not far away and it is back North towards my home. The drive out takes 15 20 minutes depending on road work. 3 minutes ti Minnie and maybe 20 back home. Maybe 24 miles or a but more round trip. I ask the same price for each dog but, A schnauzer, A shih , and Minnine the poodle that hasn't grown too much and is an easy 7F with poodle face feet and normal Poodle head and ears. I always get a nice tip for the Min Schnauzer and I never met the daughters Shih Tzu but may get a tip for her too.


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            On average

            An hour or less for me MOST days. 95% of my clients all live within 5 miles or less of each other in a retirement community 5 miles from my home. I am spoiled. The one day a month I have to drive "across town" seems like a burden to me now.


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              I schedule my customers six months out. By doing that I am able to make my routes very tight. Not making $$ when I am driving around. I also (over the years) have tightened my service area so I'm doing less driving. I probably spend an hour driving between appts. doing 5-6 dogs daily.