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  • Another floor question

    I had planned on having my bus rhino lined, but I thought I saw someone post that since their bus had the vinyl/rubber floor (whatever it is) they didn't have to change it. Can't remember who now though. So since my bus has that type of floor do I need to rhino line it?
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    My shuttle van

    has the black rubber floor. we have discovered, the wood floor under it is not very good, so we are pulling the rubber up tomorrow to see just how bad or good the wood is...may need replacing.

    then the other thing I discovered was that after washing the rubber floor is clean, but if water gets dropped on it (like spilled from the water tank because DH didn't empty that last little bit out)...when I went to wipe it up...eewuuu, black stuff on the paper towel...not sure I want that coming off on clean doggies that might be walking on the up on that....
    Not sure what we are going to do, maybe just another covering or ?


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      Oh yes...Nasty floor gone!

      Yep, we decided to pull up the old rubber floor, then the nasty wood. OMG yuck! So glad it's gone. Then once the nasty wood was gone, we did a washand dry of the metal floor. let it dry and I went after it with a good coat of DeRusto. Once that was dry, then new wood floor, fix-all over that, (this weekends project) sanding tomorrow if everyone gets back in time, and then we'll lay down commercial grade linoleium, wich will be one peice. We'll build over that.

      I'd love to have rhino, but no time or funds for that. And this was the alternative. My floor seldome gets wet, because I lay down towels if I have a big dog shaker.