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portland oregon mobiles????

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  • portland oregon mobiles????

    I posted this on the state-by-state forum but wanted to post here too.
    I have a client moving to Portland Oregon next month. She has two westies (large ones) brother and sister. They get groomed every 8 weeks and never have tangles or mats. Owners want the ears and tail left long and feathery with long furnishings. I use a 1/4 comb on their backs. Total groom time for both is 1 hour and a 1/2 max. Well behaved! Owner would love to find another mobile to groom them!
    i just took photos of them yesterday after their groom.........they happened to roll in the mud right before i got there...this is the absolute dirtiest i have seen them in 3 years!

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    Try this



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      Try Alot more mobiles on there then what WagNTails site shows. Plus I have no clue what area they are moving or the zip code where they will be. I have a client moving to La Pine OR, I know its 30 mins from Bend OR but that is it.

      The Soapy Puppy


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        Portland mobile groomers left more than a little to be desired as of last fall when I moved. Most of them just do baths or shave downs. But I can recommend an excellent shop- [email protected]. Beautiful work, knowledgable staff, green business


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          thank you grooming goddess............that is info that i needed I didn't want to just go pick a groomer out of the "phone book" without knowing the client can just do that herself when she arrives in portland. I wanted to see if anyone is familiar with a decent groomer in that town.
          I will pass that info onto her! thanks!


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            Portland Groomer to the rescue

            Just saw your post!

            I am a mobile groomer here in oregon. And we do more than just shave downs and baths

            I am booked out almost 3 months so it would take your client about one grooming revolution before we could fit her in. Mobile grooming here in oregon is fantastic. There are only a handful of us but we all do very good work.

            You can tell your client to look me up at

            We are in the process of finishing our second van and hiring a very good technical groomer. And hopefully it will cut down on the waiting list. I am so busy but I don't mind taking on a good referral.

            And to anyone who ever needs a client that is moving to Oregon and they are in the portland,beaverton,hillsboro,tigard,lake oswego,west linn,cornelius, forest grove, area you are welcome to send them our way.

            I promise to take very good care of them on your behalf.

            AND too other groomers out there. We need more good mobilers here. We could stand to have 15-20 more groomers on the road.

            Happy Grooming!!!!

            Damien Smith
            owner of the ultimate dog
            (503) 995-8991


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              Thank you Damien!!!!


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                I'm not mobile, but if they need someone until they can find (or get in with) a mobile, I'm in Southwest Portland. I only groom one dog at a time (or more from the same family.)