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  • Fuel costs

    What do most mobiles pay monthly for gas when you have a tight 10-20 mile service range?

    I see wag tails sight suggest $395 a month. On my business plan I listed 150-200 during intitial start up when you might not even have dogs every day or have 1 or 2 a day and then $300 when it gets up to 4 - 6 a day Is this estimate way low?

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    I just did my book keeping for April and spent $459 for the month on fuel. I do tow a trailer and use my truck for personal use seeing as it is my only vehicle, and I do also have a booked schedule everyday.


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      We are diesel, average about 20 miles to a gallon and spend lots of time in the city. Each Mobiler averages about $87 per week right now with the higher fuel costs.


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        fuel vs distance

        I have a WNT ProVan that handles about a 10 mile radius; is gas and runs me about $400.00 a very busy. I also have a new Elite but is diesel with an upgraded 100 gallon water tank...more weight but the diesel is built for weight and distance travel. That van easily runs 30 miles or more several times a week but being isn't that much more. I think it was last year...or maybe the year before that fuel was a real killer but even at todays prices I can run both rigs for about $1K monthly...fuel only of course. I do my own generator oil changes; very picky about being timely.



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          I would budget a little higher

          If I am full time busy, I get gas about every three days and sometimes every other day just depending on the driving (I fill up when I hit half a tank). My radius is under 10 miles. I have a petpro WNT also. Using the AC full blast all day all summer (which is about 9 months of the year here, LOL) of course increases generator use of fuel. I would budget at least $100 a week and maybe $120 to be safe for the 4-6 dogs/day. I would also try to avoid the 20 mile clients if possible, or aggressively plan to replace them with closer clients as soon as feasible. It costs about $45 to fill the tank from half empty. I think it is best to over estimate what you will need than to find yourself wondering why you don't have enough money later.


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            I spent $2300 last year (Jan. 2009-Dec. 2009) and thus far in 2010 I have spent $1,060. I have a very tight service area and I plug in to my customer's outlets whenever possible, which has REALLY cut down on my fuel costs. I have the 3500 Sprinter van (diesel fuel).


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              WOw, I am surprised

              that I am spending about the same as most of you with a gas van chassie. And I know I have a gas guzzler right now. My 73 Chinook just drinks it like there is no shortage. My new rig hopefully will get twice the mileage. Time will tell.