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Repolishing Hanvey Van Floors

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  • Repolishing Hanvey Van Floors

    The previous owner of my grooming van did not take care of her at all. The flooring and lower part of the wall (which in a Hanvey is coated with what appears to be a rubber/vinyl) are extremely dull and have lost their finish. We tried a wax or floor polishing product and the result was horrid. White streaks everywhere and any moisture on it will create more. After calling Hanvey he said the gloss is actually embedded into the coating and that it's probably just covered in layers of gunk. Try a buffer. So we've pruchased a buffer and tried it with no polish or agent to scrub with and nothing in turn happend. Does anyone have an idea of a product to use (that is not wax or like a mop and glow..remember horrid white areas!) with the buffer? We're thinking about a glyercine bar like they use to clean horse tack.

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    How to avoid this?

    So what did hanvey say should be used on their floors,so they dont get this way in the first place? I have a Hanvey and never really thought about it.


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      Our other vans are just cleaned with swiffers and mops hte normal stuff (we have one the same age as mine and one older). They still look like new. The problem with mine is that the previous owner did not clean AT ALL. When we purchased it the filters had never been cleaned in over 3 years, there was fleas infested in the rear AC and feces behind the tub and table. SO this van has been SERVERELY neglected and we're just trying to get her back into shape. She runs like a champ though!


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        sounds like you need a strong cleaner. My suggestion would be to get some Super Clean, and see what happens. I just did the rig I purchased (not a grooming van yet) was a small shuttle. OMG talk goo and nasty walls! The SC in the purple jug did super! Cut right through all that stuff. If you are just working on cleaning, maybe that would do the job. It's pretty strong, wear gloves (I have too, when I use this stuff even if it's diluted) but it does cut goo and grease. Works great on the engine too! Just spray on full strength and risne off...see what happens. A gal of this is just $8 at Walmart (automotive section). We sprayed everything in my van, then took a hose and hosed her out. Yes we had her sitting on a hill so everything ran out the back doors. Just a suggestion.


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          I use Scrub N Bubbles, I spray it on let it sit a few mins and rinse and then towel dry. If its real thick I will use a old slicker brush and brush it. Works great for me.. If its that dirty you may have to do it a few time, but it cuts thu well and brings back the shine.


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            I love Scrub n Bubbles! Good idea!


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              Love everyone's help :-) Our problem wasn't cleaning the floor as it is restoring the shine. I now have a cupboard full of every kind of cleaner/ waxer/ polisher you can think of and a new Black and Decker buffer.

              We needed shine but not a slicky floor. Could contain no water beading wax or as soon as a dog shook we would get white marks (think of wet cup on coffee table). Wanted no harsh chemical residue since dogs would be walking on it...

              After all of the trials and errors we have discovered Back to Black by Mothers. OMG... fabulous, do the old Karate kid maneuver of "wax on wax off" and you are done.


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                I'm getting some tomorrow.....there is a def difference in the shine on my floors and the walls (which of course get more wear and tear...). So no adverse effects when water gets on it? No more white marks?


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                  No marks :-) Put it on, rub it in (I used a cello sponge) and let dry then rub off with a clean towel (I used an old Moisture magnet).