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How Do You Mobiles with Wagon tails Or Other Custom Conversions Comply?

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  • How Do You Mobiles with Wagon tails Or Other Custom Conversions Comply?

    When I purchased my rig I was not informed that I needed an Environmental health certificate. No one local who is also a mobile groomer is willing to tell me how they got a dump site to write a letter of approval and agree to daily log ins proving I am dump there. If I can't provide this letter before June 12th I will not be able to groom legally. There is nothing else to say. I do have sufficient gray and fresh tanks, the letter is the problem. I can't MAKE someone give me a letter.
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    I just made some signs for a friends hair salon, finally my OCD paid off! I bought some sign vinyl and used my "cricut" die cut machine and they came out great! I was looking at the magnetic stuff for you car and it was pretty cheap. Its pretty easy and I would be happy to help a fellow groomer if you want, just pay for the material and shipping.


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      Do you live in California?


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        Sounds like where you live is a place not in the business of letting others run theirs. Someplaces have more rules than common sense.
        If only those who created them would live by them then they would understand how sometimes restrictions gone too far only stops the economy from growing...because no one has the funds to live by them.

        That being said: Can you tell 'them' that you will only carry the same amt of fresh water as your gray tank? You said you have 65g's of fresh and 56 of sounds like their issue is that you carry more fresh than you can hold gray. If you said you only carry 50gs of fresh?

        If not, does that mean 'they' are quite content with you not working because your tanks don't match up?


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          Oh yeah - about the conv. companies...I have a wagntails. I don't recall discussing with them the rules of where I live. Perhaps they are familiar with the rules of other places and I am sure they design around them..I would call them/email all the companies out of curisoity. Certainly they must know someplaces are harder on self employed workers then other places.

          As for the person that complained about you honking their horn, I have a box of kleenex for them. God love them, how sad. With all the problems in the world, two wars, a sinking economy to name two, that woman had to have someone honk a horn at her. Her life must be miserable.


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            Wow, sounds pretty onerous. So far as the grey water situation, maybe if you just show them that you have the CAPACITY to handle more grey water than fresh. You could carry a couple 5 gallon buckets (the kind that have a lid) so that any excess grey water can be disposed of later. Find out what the wording of the regulation actually SAYS. Of course, storing these buckets could be an issue but may be easier if you have a truck/trailer than a van? Just a thought.


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              regulators + enviromentalism is sooooo peachy, ain't it?
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                Yup, they don't care about my business......

                It must comply. I am considering having a plug where I could drain out some of the fresh water so it matches what they require. A plug so when I am not around for them to check, I can fill it up full like always. The water pump can't pump to the hot water heater on a shelf above the tank if the water level is too low. There is a way to pass the regs, but for now, I am waiting to talk to my Gen and all around grooming rig fixer. The inspector who came to my house and gave me the good news yesterday even suggested some sell drugs and illegal tamales. I don't sell no stinkin' drugs or illegal foods. I don't
                even offer dog biscuits! GEESH!I will clean and empty my rig of even scissors som as not to be accused of carrying sharp objects or weapons! I have no pesticide shampoos. I don't de flea or de tick dogs.

                So None Of You Had To Have An Inspection By Environmental Heath dept? And follow stupid guidelines and get a tag for the vehicle? Geeeee, not fair huh?
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                  Other mobiles I know faced with this problem have drilled a hole in their tank to make sure it could not carry more than was legal and that was enough to get their rigs to pass.
                  Here in NY we don't have anyone checking or governing our units and every state is different. I would think that would make it hard for the conversion companies.
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                    I'd be ready to move Not always possible to move though. My husband suggested put in a smaller freshwater tank. Since they are so picky you might have to go to the extreme of putting in a smaller fresh water tank. He said even with a hole you might not pass because what if you plug the hole once the guy is gone? They might think of that too. Water tanks aren't too spendy.

                    I got my magnet signs from this place. They haven't moved one bit, I've had them for 6mo to 9mo. I do drive the freeway some times, 60mph. Fairly cheap price. I would not get signs from vistaprint, they don't last & don't stay on if you remove them.

                    Here in WA to get my county license I had to talk on the phone with the health dept. They just had me agree to dump my gray in my septic tank.

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                      Why don't you post on the arizona section and see what others have done. I know they seem to be very stringent on their rules there from previous threads.


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                        I am waiting to talk to an insoector thius afternoon after 3PM

                        when I get home from work. The magnetic signs won't cost much as I do NOT need a phone number or truck #. But the tank is already fitted in with the shelf and all sorts of hoses etc for the hot water tank. I spose I can have Dan drill a hole and supply a good plug, or put the pulg in after I pass. I am in good old Arizona, not far from Mexico where due to aliens things get very difficult for the honest legal citizen. My Gen guy just removed all that stuff a few weeks ago to install the bigger gen. I also had my name and all that on the rig two weeks ago! The sun burns them BLACK so I removed the dried black cracked ones. Funny, the name and phone number were in perfect shape. To reconfigure for a smaller water tank would be a major redo. AAAAAURGGG. Currently fresh is about 60-65 Gals and gray 50 some. The gray is under the tub and no accessible or visible. I do not have a WagnTails.


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                          If you live in Az your gray water hold has to be larger then your fresh. Az had required a dept of health permit for over 10 years. It is a sticker that one puts on their rig to show that they are in compliance. How do you have a business license in Az if you do not have the permit??


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                            when I went in person in my town to get the State Business license two yrs ago, I asked and was told no, I did not need one and none applied to me. I swear! Not one groomer I know and have even seen their rigs has such a sticker. One does not connect or report to the other, or I'd have been notified. Even now, with only 6 people as inspectors or higher don't look us up in a phone book, or on line and mail out warnings. They have to be ( found ) by someone mailing in written a complaint. Which is what happened to me. I have asked others as well as the one I bought the rig from and was told no. Kinda don't ask don't tell? I dunno. It never botherd me cuz basically the rig is a custom one and not hard to comply with. Even WGNT and Trailers have larger Fresh than gray. Seems to me they should be the same size. It is the same water amnt, clean or dirty isn't it? Cept some shampoo and maybe tad of conditioner or vinegar.

                            Read the Newest Rules! OMG I am done for if this happens. All Maricopa County mobile MUST be affiliated with a shop? I read it in black and white tonight! Not a law yet! Not a code, but maybe soon to be enforced.


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                              Originally posted by MydogMissy View Post
                              regulators + enviromentalism is sooooo peachy, ain't it?
                              The thing is, it mostly a guise to collect more money for the town/fed/state you name it. It really has nothing to do with the enviorment at all.
                              The people who are in charge of anything like this are completely unaffected by its outcome. What does a group of do gooders have to do with saving the enviorment anyway? They get into their cars and drive to work and try to figure out ways to fund the town because they need the dough to run. They also need to justify their jobs...most of them can be disposed of.

                              I think we have a country that is on the brink of realizing what government is capable of when you give it that much power.

                              Anyway, Az is having some issues all over the place right now.