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    Does anyone do just cat grooming in a mobile? Are you busy? I have been getting alot of calls lately for cat grooming. I used to do cat grooming at the vet but haven't done it since I went mobile but I am thinking about doing it again. What changes need to be made in a mobile unit for cat grooming? I am checking into PCGAA for the certification course. Is cat grooming worth doing? I just hate to start the certification process then end up not being able to get clients. Am I better off starting certification for dog grooming since that is what I am doing right now? I just feel the need is there for me to start getting certified...

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    I groom some cats and am not certified to groom cats. I did go to pet grooming school though and have a diploma for that but nothing for cats specifically.

    It depends on where you live I gather. Here, practically no one grooms cats. Many salons don't even cut cat nails let alone bathe them. One of the salons only has one groomer who will do cats. Its the mobile groomers that do cats and even most don't do them. One mobiler has a lot of them because she is the main referal for cat clients.

    I think there is a market for them. Groomers are hesitant about them and so are their insurance companies. Owner have to pack them up in a cage and drive someplace then leave them for hours. Cats don't handle stress very well.
    I think over time you can make a decent amount of money with them...but I wouldn't count out dogs either.


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      Why not do both?.......however, I think your “bread and butter” clients will be the canines. The only felines that I groom are the long-haired breeds that have become matted. Most people believe that the short-haired cats do not need human grooming, since Miss Kitty does a fine job on her own !

      Happy Meeeeoooowww grooming

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        We have several members that do mobile cat grooming. It can be done and done rather successfully.

        Two of the students at our last class at the National Cat Groomers School were mobile groomers that are now switching over from doing 90% dogs/10% cats to the complete opposite.

        I know it can be done in a store front because that is what I have been doing for the past 12 years, prior to opening the school. No dogs allowed at the salon, ever. I am not a dog groomer and wouldn't know what to do with one if it did come in

        A good education in how to do that is something that would benefit anyone. Please check out the NCGIA


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          If you get a chance to buy Danelle German's DVD set do yourself a favor and buy them.
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            mobile cat grooming?

            There is a great need for professional, certified, cat groomers and this need will only grow. I have been a groomer 30 years, but i just got my master cert. in cat grooming. I attended the National Cat Groomers Institute of America located in Greenville, SC. Danelle German has a top notch program that changed my whole mind-set to cat grooming. By far the best money i have spent in a long time. I can not stress enough what a difference the school makes. Want to be an awesome cat groomer...go to cat grooming school. I am a mobile groomer and am excited to offer a service not many mobile groomers offer and to be the best!!!! Good luck in your venture...go to school!!


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              we are in a small town and the other groomer that use to work here used to be the only cat groomer in at least a 45min. radius...She left and now we constantly get calls for cat grooming, I think it's growing as owners get more educated...
              I won't touch a cat with a stick so now we have all these cats and no groomers.


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                I am mobile and LOTS of cats! Cat clients don't tend to be as regular or dependable as dog clients, but so few groomers will handle cats that I really get a lot of business from cat owners. I find them easier to do in my mobile unit due to the fact that there are fewer distractions and the the kitties are just calmer. Getting them blown dry can be a problem, I do all trimming before the bath and often they are still a little damp when I am finished. Clients love it and even though cats will still hate grooming, the mobile is much easier on them.



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                  I do cats in my mobile and in the short time I have been mobile I have about 12 regular clients that I see every 12 weeks. I think you could do mobile cat grooming, but it might take longer to build up your clientele.

                  As far as setting up the mobile the only thing that I see that is a must have is a clipper vac. Everything else is pretty much standard. Some might recommend an air muzzle/ball. I have std. cat muzzles, but have only had to use a muzzle once for one of my regulars.

                  Most cats are far more comfortable and a lot less stressed in a mobile since its just you and the cat. No other pets, especially dogs, and less chaotic.


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                    I do cats and though I do a lot of cats in my mobile I couldn't sustain a business on it. But I also don't overly advertise that I do cats. It's on my website and business cards, but I am sure if I added it to my van I'd get more calls for cats. You have to be comfortable grooming cats solo and none of my cat clients are more than three times a year. When I lived in Toledo I used to do a lot of cats on 4-6 week schedules. Of course my boss only charged $19 for a long hair cat grooming which I am sure is one of the reasons, but I think area can have a lot to do with it. What works in one area may not work well in another. There is a cat only vet hospital here and I am sure if I contacted them I could get more cat clients, but I am really just trying to build my daytime groomers clients and she doesn't groom cats, so I have no real need to advertise more about cats. I take all new cat clients that call simply because I only have to see them a few times a year at most. I've been grooming cats for 15 years now and though I find it's quite profitable, I could never give up grooming the dogs. I tell my clients cats are like egg timers. Once they ding, they are done, whether I am or not LOL and usually after that point I get no cooperation. Have to move quickly and keep on my toes at all times.
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                      Cats are easy money if you have the speed and nerves for the job and the cat is at all amiable to grooming.

                      Cats are hard money when you get one that hits the red button and goes nuclear on you. But I have yet to meet the cat I haven't been able to do, one way or the other.

                      Granted, the last sort don't always go home looking like a poster child for cat grooming, but I have found cat owners are a very grateful crew and understand you can't always trim every kitty to perfection.

                      Most wouldn't touch their own cats if you put a gun to their head, so the shave being a tad uneven in spots doesn't bother them a bit. They tend to marvel that anyone would attempt it at all.


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                        I do cats too, in my mobile. I don't advertise much on it, but not many groomers do cats and the word is getting out that I do them. I get anywhere from 1 to 5 calls a week. The only ones I turn down are outside my service area and I have had people offer me double what I charge if I would come out there.
                        Oh, there are so many dogs and cats, and so little time.


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                          I think I'm the only mobile in my area that grooms cats. Easy money if your open to it. I insist owners put Kitty in a carrier before I arrive cause cats ALWAYS know when I'm coming. If they can't find Kitty, or get them out from underneath the bed, I let them know they will still be charged for the full groom when I make the appt. This helps the owner get he cat into a carrier. Viola! Beleive me, I also charge a pretty penny for my time. The nice thing about grooming cats in the mobile is that I let them jump off my table if I feel they need a break. (there's nowhere they can go) Very sledom does this happen though. I've never had one go postal on me. Then, after a minute or two, I can finish the full groom.


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                            I've been grooming since 1981. Have done cats more off than on until 1997, then started doing them all the time. I went mobile in Nov 2009 and have about 10 cats. I still work part time at a salon and get tons of calls there. Even Petsomething recommends me as they didn't have a cat groomer there. I don't know if you could sustain just cats in your mobile, I couldn't mobile or at the salon, but I know of a couple salons within about 45 min. that do just cats. Like Mama Bear said though, make sure they have the cat in the carrier before you get there. I had one pregnant woman spend 15 min. trying to catch the cat after I got there. Finally she ended up crawling under the bed for it. Needless to say, the cat was already stressed by the time I got it to the van. Good, but very scared.


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                              Originally posted by felzenhaus View Post
                              I've been grooming since 1981. Like Mama Bear said though, make sure they have the cat in the carrier before you get there. I had one pregnant woman spend 15 min. trying to catch the cat after I got there. Finally she ended up crawling under the bed for it. Needless to say, the cat was already stressed by the time I got it to the van. Good, but very scared.
                              I did a ride along with a mobile groomer and she calls the clients 10-15 minutes before she arrived to let them know to round up the kitty says it works great for her all the time.