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Mobile Slogan Ideas for a newbie

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  • Mobile Slogan Ideas for a newbie

    Hi everyone:

    I am a new groomer and new to this forum.... So Hi!!!I am very excited learning from you all reading of your experiences, etc.

    So anyway I went back and read the posts where people were looking for names and slogans and you all had some REALLY great and some hysterical ideas. So I wonder if you wanted to throw some slogans out there again.....

    My dba is Wag-n-Wash Mobile Grooming ..... I thought of this but I am not sure people will actually get what I am going for ".... we actually come when you call" ..... Some of my friends thinks its clever... like they "get it... like the dog never comes when you call him" but others were like confused..... like what other mobile groomers dont come...

    some of my faves from previous posts:

    From our door to yours
    At your bark and call

    Thanks for all and any ideas.


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    I think slogans help to reiterate what your business name is or does. IE- my business is Faux Paws and my slogan is "Great Grooming Is No Mistake"... get it, a faux pa is a mistake.

    Using your current slogan you can "tweek" it a little bit by "Unlike your dog we come when you call".

    Using something like "Transfurmations" isn't a slogan but a new name and you may have to explain that as well.

    How about something like "The pet wash wagon that will leave you braggin' "


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      Love all your ideas

      I really like the "We come when you call!", and I think your target market will "get it", since they are all dog owners.


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        Love it

        "we come when you call" in my area that would go over great. Mobile's here like to blow off customers, I guess they have too much business. Mine's " The Mobile Paw Spa ~ Pawsitive Pet Pampering at your Doorstep"