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Pics of shelves we put in

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  • Pics of shelves we put in

    I thought I would show off me and my DH`s handy work, we put in shelves and a rack along the side of the tub.I know my ivy vine is going to get hairy ,But I do not care (LOL). What do you think?
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    Looks great! It's nice having a handy husband.


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      Looks nice.
      I give you one month and I bet those ivy vines will be gone...due to the hair!!! LOL
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        Looks like they will work

        just fine. I'm looking at the pull out skinny cabinet with 3 shelves for my bottles near the tub. I'd like to try and keep things in cupboards or the like so blowing hair is not all over. But, I am going to have a net curtain that I can pull over in front of the tub, too, along with a plastic one for the flinging water when we have a shaker!

        I love the ivy, in my first rig I had silk flowers, and I have a super place for flowers or the like in #3 [near the front dash on the pass door side....] Well we'll see how things develope.


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          Thanks Guys

          I need some ideas on how to decorate my walls. My DH put a anti graffiti coating on them now I can not stick ANYTHING to them, I should have had him put the coating in some lavender paint or something (not white).

          P.S. the reason he put the coating on was that he did not want hair to stick to my walls (now nothing sticks but it is easy to clean)


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            I noticed the flooring you have under the shelves. Is that the same stuff that nursery's use to keep the kiddies from hurting themselves? If so, that is a great idea! I bet its comfy standing on it too!
            SheilaB from SC


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              Oooops, I almost forgot to mention that I like you shelves. Looks nice!
              SheilaB from SC