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  • "CLEAN" vs just clean

    Well as you all know, I'm into my new project. Finally got the dang seats out, took 3 days and 2 people , one having to crawl under the rig and find the nuts holding the bolts/seats. What a total pain! But it's done.

    The next order of business was to clean this nasty rig. OMG there was dirt and yuckie stuff everywhere! The engine wasn't too bad but still, nasty! I don't know how many of us like a clean rig inside and out, but does that also include the engine? Most of the time, not.

    My boys use a great cleaner that does a WOW job for all of this. It's a product called Super Clean [in the purple jug], found at Walmart (automotive section). MAN That stuff is great, it just disolves the goo, grease, dirt off an engine, and anywhere else. Once the seats were out my son put some in a pump spray jug (like for bug spraying) and sprayed everything inside the rig, walls, floor, dash, even the engine got a good spray! Leave it sit for a few minutes and hose off. WOW! Sparkling clean! Heehee, this stuff works great on my ss snap on combs, too!

    Anyway, here are a couple of shots of a very clean buggy. Ready for a fresh conversion.
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    Wow! That looks great, your son did a super job! (was this part of a Mothers Day gift to you? J/K!! so is he free est weekend, my garage could use his special skills!!! J/K

    I was wondering, or maybe I missed it, what are you doing with the current vehicle when this is done?



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      Haha - thought you were

      I thought this might be a thread about Show Seasons Clean, which is very useful for dogs that are a bit oily. LOL

      Van looks wonderful!! Just thinking of all that work gives me a headache, but I know you have done this before, so it is a workable project for you.

      All the best with it!


      • #4 impressed, Azoci. You're becoming a regular conversion expert! Love love love all the windows!
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          Super Clean is on sale for $1 right now at Auto Zone.
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            Love the purple stuff

            That was the first thing I thought of when you said you were dealing with crud. We took up carpet where the padding had started to break down and there massive stains and crud on the plywood below. We used the purple stuff, let it sit, scrubbed and it took it all up, looked like brand new plywood. Saved us a lot of $$.
            Your van is exactly what we are looking for now, for my peace of mind I want the windows.


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              Wow that is squeaky clean. Is that a shuttle bus or an RV?


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                caution when using

                the purple stuff, you know. It's pretty nasty stuff if you are not careful. If somethig works this great , it's got to be a little on the bad side, so to speak. Make usre you are ventilated well, and for me, I have to wear gloves even if this stuff is diluted, just tears my hands up something awful.

                We plan to put the Chinook back into retirement as a play toy for the occasional camp-out. Maybe a quick trip to E WA but nothing major.

                Orca is a Shuttle Van, e350, Dodge. I love the full size door in the front, but as we are finding out, that first seat on the pass side is taking up valuable space (37"), but I really think having the co-pilot seat is a must. Looking at the battery box, the propane tank and a porta potty for that side, will just about fill up that space, might even be a little squished. We'll see.


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                  Becareful with the super clean. I usually end up with a cold after prolonged use of it. it's still worth it in the end at least to me it is. Road crud just melts away .Follow the directions and test it on small areas first to make sure it wont fade out colors ,not the kind of thing that would be good for graphics. New ride looks nice. Hope you had a good mothers day.


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                    Pam, You Crack Me Up!

                    Love that you name your rigs. Orca. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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                      Thanks Doug,

                      Yep, this is a far cry from my first one. We are having a lot of decisions at the moment as to where to put stuff, but in the end I think this will be a good situation. Battery box from #1 is fine and will be just forward and over the back tire, will off-set with the water tanks on the opposite side.

                      Yep, The Super Clean is a great product, but you really have to be careful with it for sure. I love it for road crud, engine goo and in this case it really did a great job on the years of 'build up or stuff" on the inside of the rig. We had all the doors open,and van on a hill so when we flushed with the hose it just poured out the back.