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  • I am so angry!

    I am trading in my 03 van for a new one. The new one arrives in just under two weeks now...yesterday the water pump died on me at the begining of the day. I have less than two weeks using this van and the friggen water pump goes. So I take it to the place that fixes rv's and trucks ect. The mechanic said that if I smack the water pump each time I use it (meaning, I have to get out of the van, hit it and go back inside the van ) it will work - but it will struggle...its on its last legs and might last for the two weeks. Otherwise it will cost a few hundred to order a new one and replace it.

    Now, when the water pump is on it struggles and gasps so I was advised not keep it on all the time. That would mean that I cannot turn the water on before I bring the dog into the van. It might just blow altogether and I need to make it last for under two weeks.
    So I have to put the dog on the floor, before I put him into the bath. Turn the water on inside the van - no water- then I have to go outside, bang the moter and hope it runs.

    The mechanic said that even if I wanted to pay the money to have it replaced, they wouldn't get it until Tuesday. So I wouldn't have the van back until later Tuesday or a few hundreds for under a week of work?

    I was just so furious the darn thing couldn't wait.

    I must say I am glad I am getting a new one. Two weeks feels like two years right now. Today I have only three dogs because I spread them out over the next couple of weeks. I am living in fear the water pump will die. I am buying bottled water too - lots of it.

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    I'm so sorry your pump couldn't last it's last two weeks sounds like my kind of luck. It is too bad they couldn't have rigged something up for you a little cheaper for the two weeks. Enjoy your new van.


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      Today it struggled..gasped a few times but it didn't shut down. I am taking it one day at a time from here on in...


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        I'm sooo jealous! Anyway I have replaced my water pump a few times and the actual pump was only around $100 from a boat store or rv supply store. My hubby installed it for me and trust me he's no expert! Is there someone you know with limited electrical experience? He said mine (2000 wnt) is only a couple wires.


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          I guess I'm confused........water pumps are about $60 when purchased through Wag'n Tails online shop, and takes less than 5 minutes to replace....

          I've got a couple of them, "just in case", sitting in the garage.

          Happy Slapping the pump

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            Its a good idea to have backup.
            These places overcharge left right and center so its a good idea for me to learn to put it in...if it isn't too big a deal. I don't want to bust anything. That being said, everything should be under warranty for a while.

            As for water pumps, I went through quite a few of them when they were under warranty. This one happened to last a bit longer than the others and it was bound to go soon...I was hoping it would last until the new van came.

            As for getting a new one...I wasn't planning on it a few weeks ago but two things is, I am investing too much money in repairs for this van/grooming salon. Things are going on it from normal wear and tear and things that I already had replaced are needing replacement and it all costs a lot of money. The generator has a lot of hours on it and I don't know how long that has...even though its been great.
            There has been some really great trade in offers. Cash back/ low to no interest rate and a few other offers. It is worth it to check it out. Anyway I figure the money I was sinking into the van to have everything replaced can just go towards payments. Everything will be new.


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              Yes, they are so darned easy to replace yourself, along with the annode rod in the water heater. The RV place showed me how to do it, easy, easy, easy.


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                Okay, the rv place 'round here wont do that. They state its insurance reasons. Maybe I will check out youtube or something.


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                  What kind of van do you have? Replacing the water pump is a piece of cake...this coming from someone who hates doing anything that has to do with maintenance of the van. I can't imagine the RV place won't sell you a pump....something is fishy there.
                  don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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           has flojet water pumps for $49.99. I buy a few things that are cheaper there then the other online stuff.

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                      If all else fails, maybe it would be a good time to take a vacation!!


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                        Hell, it seems like I am replacing the water pump or the super sudser pump (which is just a water pump on steroids) every time I turn around. Something is wrong if I have gone 6 months without replacing one of the two! (we have really hard water that wreaks havok on these, I was putting a bunch of oil in my show dog's coat and using the super sudser to circulate it...probably not a great idea but it worked). I stockpile the pumps and can replace them faster than a nascar pit crew. My time has slowed somewhat now that wagntails sells the plastic waterflow thingee that you can replace on the pump if the pump itself hasn't crapped out. But, I am good at that too....oh, and if I have to strip wires and replace the electrical connections it adds time too, but I am getting good at that as well. And they are not that expensive and easy to do yourself! I think the pump through wagntails is maybe $75?!


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                          Originally posted by Meesh View Post
                          If all else fails, maybe it would be a good time to take a vacation!!
                          Either that or a drink.

                          I will be getting the new van next week. The waterpump is struggling along at this point. I will do it myself in the new van when the time comes.
                          But I have to wait till fall..for the vacation.