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Installing hv dryer in my rig...switch question

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  • Installing hv dryer in my rig...switch question

    Hubby is converting my rig. I have a metro hv w/two motor speeds. We were going to put the dryer in the back end with the generator, water heater, etc with a switch to turn it off and on in the main part of the rig. Hubby is not a groomer and didn't realize that I use BOTH speeds. I usually dry with both motors on for big dogs and only one motor for small dogs. In order to put each motor on a separate switch he would have to rewire the dyer, right? What do you all do? Should I just get one of those little dryers that look like a human hand held dryer? Doesn't seem like it has enough power.

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    I would NOT remote wire my dryers!

    I have a Kool dry that is easy to fit in my rig and take out if necessary. I have had many dryers over the years and I would not want them hard wired or the CV either. I have a switch for my CV and it is in the rear but it is plugged into a regular outlet back there. In my opinion, it is not convenient. Even a Circuilteer that looks like a home vacuum doesn't take up all that much room. I prefer variable speeds and that would be what I would want more than any remote switch. If your hubby can convert the two speed to variable, I think you'd like that. Great option for little scared puppys etc.


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      Here is what my dh did.

      To modify the dryer will require changing the wiring inside of the dryer. If it is like the K9II dryer we used, it has 2 motors and each can be wired to a separate cord and then they can be plugged into separate switched outlets in your utility area. The switches can then be mounted in a wall anywhere in your van. The key is to open up the dryer and find out how many motors you are working with, then have a plan to modify it. Any dryer can be made to work it just takes planning.

      It was easy to do.If you have questions PM me.



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        I don't think we want to rip the dyer apart. It is a air force metro the big black one it has two motors and for most dogs one is enough. Usually it is the big hairy dogs I use two motors with.
        I think for now I will just turn go to the back and turn the second motor on if I need it.
        Thanks !!