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Rialta Conversion Owner - Sold in Pennsylvania - Need To Reach You - Please!

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  • Rialta Conversion Owner - Sold in Pennsylvania - Need To Reach You - Please!

    I have a 97 Rialta that I am anxious to convert for mobile grooming. I would desperately like to try to get in touch with the person who sold their VW Rialta Conversion in the Used Mobile Units ads - they were from Pennsylvania.

    Can anyone help me? Written to the site itself with no response.

    thanks everyone...................

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    I am almost positive I saw this one for sale again on craigslist. If you don't know how to search nationally and to sort by week, PM me


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      Hi I am the one who bought the van. And I did not list it on craigs. I have it and am using it.


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        cool, my bad. There is a similar vehicle up on craigslist then. That van looked so nice, how is it treating you?


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          My LeSharo was a generation

          before the Realita...I had a great time doing mine. But it's gone to that big highway in the sky. You will love your rig. Is it diesel? Mine was, loved the low cost of fuel due to such great mileage.


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            treating me very good. The best used vehicle I ever bought. It is gas but gets 18 to 20 miles a gallon including the generator useage


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              New Owner of Rialta Conversion = Apitalia-

              Ok - back to the beginning............

              I have a 97 Rialta I'm planning on converting as soon as I can gather some specific info . Is there any way you can contact the person that you bought it from - so I can get with them on some technical stuff and plumbing?? I would greatly appreciate it. You can e-mail me at [email protected]. I'll be anxiously waiting to hear from you thanks!!
              Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!!!