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My husbands business name idea

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  • My husbands business name idea

    My husband decided he knows what he wants to call HIS mobile grooming business. (No, I don't have to worry about competition, he can't handle all the mess, lol).

    He wants to call it

    Hippy Dippy Grooming Man

    and this would be his jingle

    The Hippy Dippy Grooming Man
    in the Hippy Dippy grooming Van
    Get your dog groomed by the Hippy Dippy Grooming Man Man
    And you'll be a Hippy Dippy Doggie Fan

    (Get the George Carlin ref?)
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    my husband keeps talking about his van too. this from the man who hyperventilated while in the truck when i was blowing out a shep. my customer had to get him a paperbag and sit with him. but anyway his truck would be called the last minute grooming. for all those people who waited until the last minute to get their dogs done. all dogs would be shaved down, even chihuahua's and he is going to charge $500 a pop. how's that for a business plan.
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      Don't sell Hippy Dippy short, you could send him all your over flow.


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        So I should be seeing the Hippy Dippy Grooming van coming into our area soon or is he in business already?


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          And George Carlin always blames his farts on the day!!!

          LOL, cute jingle.


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            Maybe the Hippy Dippy man will know what to do with all of the "stuff" that George Carlin doesn't know what to do with:-) Lol, I like it... I love George though.


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              LMAO! the hippy dippy grooming he going to have a picture of a hippy dippy man doing a hippy dippy dance with a hippy dippy dog on the side of the van too?
              that is sooo funny LOL!!!