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  • I need quick help!!!

    I got a offer to be the ONLY mobile groomer this pet supply shop recommends, he would be like a agent get the customers (I do not know how) take care of the MONEY end(I do not know what that means he would 1099 me I guess?).

    In exchange for 25% of the commission ,at first I kind of liked the idea(he has two shops one outside of my ZONE).The trouble is I know I have only been in business one yr ,but I worked hard to own my own business.This would be a step back IMHO.

    Has anyone else done this ?If so how did it work out? I am going to call him tonight.

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    Most referrals are just that. Referrals that your grooming service is a good one. I'm not mobile, but I just don't see how this plan would be a step forward. I mean, do you get a commission when you send people to his business?


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      you are right SNC I just get the feeling this is a bad idea!


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        I would not do anything like that. It sounds like a rip off.


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          I have a pet supply shop that refers me exclusively and I refer them and provide my clients with coupons for purchases there. There's NO WAY I would give ANYONE 25% for referrals!!
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            Nope, don't do it! If he wants to refer you that's fine. You don't need to give him commission, plus I would never have anyone not involved in my business collect any money for me. Sounds kinda shady.


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              Run, Run, away as fast as you can. He's ripping you off.


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                He should be recommending you because he cares about his clientele and wants to provide them with a connection to a good service. It's networking! I recommend the pet boutique down the street because the owner is an awesome person!
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                  Thanks Guys

                  I called and told him that I am not interested (we were to meet Friday and talk about this) he did say at one time he had a groomer work at the shop, and maybe he would do that agian. I told him that would be better because than that person would be exclusive to them.

                  You all helped me make my mind up.After 1 yr of working for myself and 20 yrs working for others ,this just sounded like a step backwards.And sounded fishy to me.


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                    I am glad you dumped that bad plan. Before I even began my mobile business I recieved an email from a local pet supply store. He basically stated the same thing but would take 10% commision. I never bothered to return his email because I felt he should just refer clients to me as a suggestion of different places to get a pet groomed and I in turn could refer people to his business.

                    In the meantime I was getting referals from another pet supply store and I in turn refer clients to them because I think they are far more professional.

                    He was the only business owner that wanted a cut for referals. I drive by his business once in a while but have never been inside...don't want to be bothered. I thought he was greedy to take a cut from a business just starting and it gave me an inside as to what kind of a business he runs. So with that, I don't even think about referals to his place.