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    I know not all of you do them but for those of you that do, how is this handled in a mobile unit? I'm considering going mobile and have a few that I do fairly regularly but OH the hair. I can't imagine having it floor to ceiling in the van.

    Any words of wisdom??????


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    Jodi Murphy's Deshed DVD....Wonderful technique for getting the excess hair off a double-coated dog while wet and soapy. By the time you HV, there's hardly any "snow" of hair and the dogs dry really quickly.
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      Safety glasses, mask, and less floor space to clean


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        ear plugs, dust mask and a vacuum cleaner.
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          Originally posted by workingchihuahua View Post
          ear plugs, dust mask and a vacuum cleaner.
          Safety glasses, mask, ear plugs.

          Get the brush attachment for your vacuum, makes cleaning the walls and ceiling a lot easier. Dont even try it till it is totally dry, it just smears the hair. Someone said that if you mix up some Downy fabric softner in water with a spray bottle and wipe down your walls with it, it helps the hair not to stick to the walls. Have not tried it yet, but it sure would make it smell nice!


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            A friend of mine, Azoci on here, rigged up a netting. Hold the hose inside the netting with dog inside & all the hair stays inside the netting. She used the princess netting you put over a little kids bed, like the kind to keep bugs out etc. It works for her. I have been tempted to do it, its one of those round-to-its lol. I do have a shower curtain to keep the hair from getting all the way up front & that does help some. I just wipe it up & vacumme. I do try to schedule all the hairies at the end of the day or all on one day. Poms make a big mess too but I do have a few 50lb border collie type shedders or 2 Aussies that blow like crazy.

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              I too follow Jodi Murphy’s DVD on Deshedding……minimal hair floating around. Also make sure you turn on your overhead vent fan (sucking air OUT) while you are HVing the Big Hairy, (just make sure you vacuum it when you are done). If it’s warm and you are in a private area, (guarantee that no one walks by), you can open up your side doors to allow hair to float out.

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                Do you have a Romani Clipper vac in your van? I have both Romani Rake-n-Vac rakers, and are the time saver for me. I rake the dog's hair first before I bathe them, there is that much loose hair left after I rake the dog first. They are a little pricey but you will get your money back in no time. I love to use them on Goldens. Their hair turns out so nice and it really helps with shedding.


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                  I do all of the above....

                  plus turn on my exhaust fans....the hair that gets away floats up and sticks to the filter.....and just sometimes I am ankle deep in fuzz!!!