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Can I ask about a franchise?

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  • Can I ask about a franchise?

    I have a question about a mobile franchise. A friend of mine is considering it and I'd like to see if there are groomers here who are part of the franchise. Is that allowed?

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    /raises hand
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      ok, apparently I can I just know with the pet chain issues it comes up.

      Has anyone heard of Aussie Petmobile? Any input? My friend is thinking of investing in their franchise, but is hesitant. I don't blame her for being cautious. I guess their starting rate is $10/hr for a groomer, then after 90 days 25% base groom and 50% upsales (teeth, paw treatments.) Grooms average $75. Franchiser provides ALL equipment. Franchiser also has to pay $200/mo toward the employees health insurance.

      I don't like the $10/hr part, but could be good for a beginner. Heck, I don't even like the commission. The only saving grace is equipment. But if you watch the video it's not even medium quality equipment, except for perhaps the clipper vac. (I have nothing to worry about as I will not be working for her, I'm happy where I am at!) - video

      And yes, the "keep your pet healthy" line is cracking me up.

      Any input is appreciated, thanks!

      Stephen: Usually the franchisee is allowed to change the wages and other conditions. Are these recommendations or what the franchisor says has to be. Most franchise law shows that franchisees have lots of rights to make changes on these type of issues if it helps them operate successfully.


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        They are recomendations


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          Around here atleast one of them went out of business. Not sure how big the company that was here. Alot of us in Western Washington have been getting calls & emails asking if we could come to their area because Aussie Pet went out of business. These poor people have been left high & dry. They weren't in my area so I have to turn all these people away, usually I can send them to someone closer to their area but not always. The last email I got was for a cat that Aussie Pet did, not many mobiles around here do cats.

          Now I haven't heard good things about this franchise, maybe its the groomers they hire & train or what.

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            After the 90 days is it just 25% or 25% plus $10 and hour?
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              What benifits of a franchise attracted your friend?


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                I have a friend who is mobile through a franchise. It's not the one you're referring to though. I think she likes her van and that's about it. She says not much support and the client list was not much either. Has a hard time communicating with the franchise owner(not returning calls promptly or emails). She seems frustrated. Her prices are like what you quoted but for our neck of the woods is pretty high. I don't think her training was all that good either (she wasn't a groomer before getting into this). I don't know how she's paid but I do know she works a second job to make ends meet. I also know that having a thousand dollar week didn't seem like much to her so I don't know how it works out in salary. I hate sounding negative about franchises but I don't think it's all that great. I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do to do what you dream of. I know I wouldn't be grooming if I wasn't mobile. Good luck to your friend and I hope it all works out for her.
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                  OK not be negative.... but I have a lot of clients who have had horrible grooms from the one already in our area or even stood up by them, several clients of mind have made first time apts and they never showed up and when they called they said "oh yeah I see you on the books can we re schedual". One guy that works for them actually called his client and told them he was to over grooming for the day to show up can he just swing by in a couple days???!!! One girl was never a groomer they did two weeks of training and put her on the road half way through a wheaton trim she takes the dog back and told the owner she's not going to be able to finish the trim she is not confident around the face. Duffy the dog is so well behaved I can't imagine not finishing it. There are good groomers that work for them but none in our area. She should try groommobile they are a little better. Sorry to be so down on them but I have been mobile for 4 years and every couple months I get a horror story x(


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                    I know a groomer who bought into a franchise, not Aussie. She is not happy. Im not sure she received enough training and the van she bought through them is substandard. I think if she were to start over she wouldn't do it again or recommend it to others.

                    If you want to back out, what's the deal? Are you stuck? That's what I always wanted to know.


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                      Not to be negative....

                      either....but....I also know in my area there have been several come and go.. I don't know what the problem is in this area, but we mobile groomers seem to do better on our own rather than buying into a franchise.


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                        Originally posted by luvpups View Post
                        After the 90 days is it just 25% or 25% plus $10 and hour?
                        I believe it's just the 25% !!! plus 50% of upsale services (ie tooth brushing)


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                          Thanks for the input everyone, I too am not very confident about this franchise. I don't know what happens if you decide you want "out" of the franchise, but will check and see.

                          And SC Groomer - yes, I've suggest Groomobile to her, will see if she talks to the owner there.


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                            I dont really understand why anyone would go with a franchise when you can do it on your own. I remember hearing that is was $25k just for the franchise fee alone. Then you have monthly payments on top of that for advertising, royalty, etc...I dont get it. I have not advertised since the first year I was mobile, sounds like a waste to me. Maybe I am missing something.
                            What does a dog do on it's day off?


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                              I checked one of them out online and it stated the starting rate was in the 60's to invest into this franchise and it held a 10 year contract. I don't know what the stipulations would be if you broke the contract as I didn't bother reading beyond that. For 60g's you can invest in your own van.

                              I don't know what the benefits would be going franchise other than they might advertise on television and radio/newspapers.

                              Maybe in a place where the franchise is very well known and you don't need to invest time and money in promoting yourself.

                              I would start out by looking into second hand vans. They advertise them on here somewhere. Something inexpensive as a starter and then go from there. The franchise will have a lot of small print contracts you want to be careful of.