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Is any Mobile Groomer from Yuma out there?

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  • Is any Mobile Groomer from Yuma out there?

    I have a very special customer who became my friend over the years. She is an older lady and has a very spoiled but nice Shitzu.
    She bought a house in Yuma and is moving before summer.
    She ask me if I could find out if there is somebody who is mobile too.
    Please let me know if you have a website too what she can look up.

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    I am mobile in phoenix and have been to Yuma several times and I dont think there are any mobiles there... Actually I only know of one shop there... it is a very small Military town so pretty much just the Marine base ( where my hubby was stationed) and a small town area, I am assuming your client prob moved to the foothills that is just outside of the town, thats where all the nice new houses have went up and all I know that is in the foothills is the wal mart and you have to drive into the town for everything else. I could be wrong of course but to my knowledge there is no mobiles.


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      I mobile groom in the west valley (of phoenix) so if she deceides that yuma isnt for her and moves up to one of the retirement communtiies that are here, she can contact me!