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  • Generator & H2O =

    OK, heres a question for you, what do you do, or what can you do when its raining and your gen sits out on the front of your trailer? Although it does have a lifted cover, could the rain cause zzzzzzzp!!!!
    One more question, I have a cool dry dryer, which takes forever to dry a dog, I need a rec for a good strong dryer with low amps, suggestions.

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    Should'nt zzzzzzp! from rain they normally have a internal breaker plus if it got that wet it would stall out any way (wet ignition plug wire). I like the term zzzzp! though.
    What is your method of drying,maybe it's not the cool dry but the way your using it.


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      That is where my gene is and I have been grooming in some NASTY storms and never had a problem.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        my Honda Generator is mounted int he bed of my pickup truck..and i've groomed when its was pouring rain..and the rain did nothing to it...guess it's water proof? i was kinda worried tho..but it worked fine...


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          Low amps and Heat

          Hi, well, I'm no expert, but the Kool Dry uses ambient air, has no heating unit. Yes it can take forever to dry a dog with just air if the air in your rig is cool. I have my Kool dry sitting next to the heat vent, which when turned on blows direct from the engine, part of the WH heating from the engine coolant return.

          I'm not sure but usually any kind of heat unit with a dryer pulls plenty of amps...I use a stand dryer too, and on low, pulls only 8 amps, on warm pulls about 10 , and up on high pulls 14 amps, I seldom use it on high.

          Even most human hair dryers, say 1800 watts will need a good 15 amp circuit.


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            I got rid of my Kool Dri for a MDC Romani Eco II. I opted for the dial up function which is great for around faces and kitties. It is pretty powerful, but does not pull as many amps as a K9II. It is great alternative to the Kool Dri.