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Wagntails 3 n 1 table

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  • Wagntails 3 n 1 table

    Does anyone have the Wagntails converted units with the 3 in 1 table? How do you like it?

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    3 in 1 table

    I have one in my new Wag'n Tails Elite van and "love it". The ramp pulls out from underneath the table (built in) and it turns 360 degrees. Just a great tool. I have a ProVan also with the older version table but no complaints there. The new table are quite pricey but worth it.



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      They seem quite nice overall but I worry about something silly like what if it goes heywire - then you are stuck in whatever position or height the table is in.

      I am trading in my van for a new one and this table comes with all the new vans. I am quite excited about it and about having an electric table.

      Not too long ago the doctor told me I have the beginings of arthritus in my right shoulder! I think I am too young for that because I always thought of arthritus as being something you get much later in life.

      Anyway, I was thinking that this table might be much better for my shoulder. The table I have now is the hydraulic table....but I have to hoist the pet up (esp if its a golden) and turn him/her around. So this 360 may help.


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        3- in-1

        These tables are the best no matter the model.... Ultralift is by far the best table, the guy who makes em' is very nice and when you call he helps you himself and gets any issue resolved even if he has to talk you through every step over the phone.... I couldn't wait to get mine