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  • Loud Generator on Trailer

    Hi everyone, I have a new dilema. I am finally ready to go back to mobile grooming and I have all my equipment. I got a used trailer and I bought a new generator that is mounted on the front. I went and had an RV place bolt it to the front. I got a NEW generator with a Honda engine because I had heard they are quieter. I paid 1500 dollars for it so it isn't a cheapy. Well, yesterday I cranked it for the first time and have you ever woke up on a Saturday morning when you need your sleep and someone is mowing the lawn next door. This is loud inside and out.

    I need some suggestions. I am broke so I need cheap suggestions if there are any. I do have a land line that I can give people the option but what do you guys with loud generators do? Help!

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    Noise is not that bad

    My generator is under the van. So it could be worse for you. I would take my old van with the gene on the back in a minute. I never had any complaints on the noise, just try to park on the street instead of driveways. When they are under it is a nightmare to service and lots of $$$$$$$ because they charge you to drop it and reinstall it... Also, you have to be so carful driving over bumps, water, leaves and everything else in the road. Hate it but at 60 yrs old not wanting to buy a 2003 van which is when wagontails converted the gene to the side.


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      My Gen is in the backof my van

      It has a box around 3 sides and where the air flow in the front of the gen is, it is open. In fact the vent in the door had to be made larger. It can be made and is made with cheap wood from Lowes. Can yours have a box around it? If so do that. Line the inside of the box with foam. I always wondered how those gens handled rain and snow. Or puddles with the ones under the van.


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        I wouldn't worry about the noise. One customer doesn't like the noise so I plug in.


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          When I got my trailer my generator was ridiculously loud and you couldn't talk next to it, I have an onan. The throttle was all the way open so we tweaked it to have enough power with out so much noise. Now you can't hear it so much inside.


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            Honda motor?

            1. I'm sorry to say, just because it has a Honda motor on means little. Its a little understood fact that little more than half of the total noise from a genny comes from the exhaust. The rest comes from all the moving parts.
            2. Not all Honda gennys are really quite. They have many models, The ones they make that are contractor grade are just as noisy as anyone Else's. I have a Honda inverter genny on the tong of our trailer as a backup and you can stand 5 feet from it and talk in hushed tones. Its amazinglly quite.


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              I have a generator on the front of my trailer and it is loud. I have had a few people comment on it, but no one has really complained. I don't park in driveways and try to stay on the street. I figure most people are use to the noise with so many lawn crews in the neighborhoods that I groom in. We have tried to do different things from adding a muffler to building a box around's still loud.

              You will get use to it soon and won't even notice it.

              Good Luck!!



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                Thanks Everyone

                Thank you folks for replying. I will have to deal with the noise and just attempt to do quality and quicker grooms, ha.


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                  I have an Ambers trailer, the gene is enclosed
                  and it's really not that loud. Occasionally
                  I do dogs at home and if I have my gene
                  running and go inside, I can't even hear it.
                  So last week I was grooming a neighbors
                  dog at their house and somebody called the
                  city and reported me for noise. Thus has begun
                  a nasty battle with the neighbor who I suspect
                  reported me and the city. Uuggg!